Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 4-- your family

special occasion pizza on the last day of vacation

So you have decided its time for a change, but how can you get the rest of your family on board for changing their diet and their routine? After all, can you handle it when they are chowing down on that nightly bowl of chocolate chunk ice cream while you eat an apple?

First, remember step by step. Don't change everything at once or else a riot will break loose!Fun plate full at a Christmas party- some healthy, some not. Servings kept in check and this was considered our meal--we didn't have a burger after the party. This plate is clearly enough calories to be considered a meal!

Second, don't buy the bad stuff. PERIOD. If its in the house, someone, somewhere at sometime will want to eat it--including you. So...if you are trying to eat better, to eat CLEANER, then the whole fam needs to do it. Got it?
Summer trip to the ice cream parlor-- complete with costumes!

If your kids currently snack on chips, ice cream, candy, red bull...then you need to make some big changes and STAT!

Changes that aren't too scary to make:
Instead of Fruit Snacks, choose natural fruit leather.
Instead of greasy chips, choose whole grain crackers and cheddar cheese or pretzels.
Instead of ice cream, choose Non-fat plain yogurt with frozen fruit mixed in.
Instead of cookies, choose granola bars, protein bars, trail mix
Frozen Yogurt after I won the GOLD medal at the Utah Winter Games

Other staples to have on hand:
  • Individual apple sauces
  • Individual peaches and pears
  • Yogurt--not the gooey squeeze type
  • Veggies- already cut up and ready to grab. My kids love having baby carrots in their lunch and guess what...NO DIP. Yes, we are talking about a 2nd grade BOY who LOVES to eat carrots with nothing on them. Your child can be next!
  • Yogurt covered raisins--such a treat!
  • Frozen grapes
  • Turkey sausage
  • Veggie sausage
  • Salsa- we add real salsa to lots of things. Eggs, black beans and yes even Tortilla chips.
  • string cheese

Easy Peasy after school snack- plain yogurt with banana mixed in. Notice the serving size is correct-- 1 cup of yogurt

Now before you start imaging a horrible childhood with out all those favorite treats, STOP! You don't have to! Just don't keep those in the house. Make those special treat. Our family LOVES going out for frozen yogurt. We pile our bowls high with all the best treats...but that's the thing--its a TREAT. Its a special occasion.

MY favorite treat- Frozen Yogurt with all the toppings!

What about going out for milkshakes? Pie at your favorite diner? SURE! But make it special. Your kids will LOVE that, I promise. Put the phones away and have a fun night out where everyone talks. Good for your health and good for your family--bonus!

YOU can take control and change not only your health but how your kids view food as well.

--Super Angie

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