Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 1

Recently people have been asking me how I have lost weight in the past several years and have kept it off --within basically 5 lbs. How I went from a size 12 down to a size 4/6 (at one time even a size 2). How, even though I weigh the same in the above picture as I do in the below picture, my body has completely changed.
August 2005
A lot of my success was due to following the advice from Seven Summits Body. This blog and also counseling sessions with the founder have given me the tools I have needed to change my diet and exercise. I have also found the counseling to be useful in re-assessing my goals and what is working and what doesn't work. There is not one sure-fire way to lose weight and get healthy. What works for Mary might not work for Sarah. I have loved that Seven Summits Body recognizes that I am my own unique person.

Everyone knows that I figure skate. But that is not the secret to me losing weight.
It is HARD being a mom. I know this first hand. There is so much to do. So many hormone changes. Often, you are just tired. I have also been on medication that has made it hard to lose fat. So I understand what many woman go through.

I hope that by seeing these before and after photos that others can see that despite being tired, despite being a busy mom, despite being on medication that makes weight loss really difficult, its not IMPOSSIBLE!

Stay tuned for more on my journey to becoming a Healthier and smaller Super Angie!


Charles Miske said...

I think you look awesome

Tiff said...

Way to go. It is hard and you have done a wonderful job! Keep it up.

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