Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Angie...Utah Winter Games

Last night I competed at the Utah Winter Games. I have wanted to compete at these for a long time but was never eligible. Finally this year I took the tests that made it so I could. My dad threw this beautiful bouquet on the ice for me. Gorgeous!
Paul, Trish, Andy, Tyler, Kylee, my dad and my kids all came. It was so nice having such a huge group of family support there.
Brianna Hatch is such a loving and wonderful coach.
My little Tanni and me!
Even with two mistakes (Camel spin apparently didn't get the memo that I was doing it so it failed to show up and Lutz/Loop/Loop didn't happen) I still earned the gold medal. I was shocked.
This is Amy. She got the bronze. Such a sweet competitor with a strong program.
Charlene came and supported me. I'm so glad she was there. What an awesome friend! And she even threw a tossie on the ice.

This competition was a lot of fun. My asthma was REALLY bad, not sure why. I got a lot of compliments on my dress, which was very nice. I hope I made the audience and judges happy.

--Super Angie

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