Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 3- eating

I have a lot of friends who are trying to lose weight. Its one thing to look at someone who has always been super fit and healthy and take their advice, but I get more inspired by someone who WAS overweight, changed their life and now are fit and healthy. I get a lot of inspiration from my husband who has lost 50 lbs in the past 3 years. I follow much of what he has learned through numerous fitness and health seminars. Its his hobby.

I don't proclaim to know it all. I have my eating faults and my eating failures. Its a journey and each day is new--ups and downs. I'm not perfect but I'm learning.

So with all that said... here are some tips to get someone started, or help someone who needs a boost.

WATER. Drink water. AND ONLY WATER. Did you know that Diet sodas have been linked with cancer and heart attacks? Don't be fooled. Fake sugar in Diet drinks does horrible things to your body. Just say NO! Drink water all day. Drink so much that you have to use the bathroom all the time. Its GOOD. Flushes out toxins. Helps keep you full and is good for your skin.

VEGGIES. Don't put sauces and stuff on your veggies. Americans have this horrible habit of taking something heathly and smoothering the health out of it with sauces and dips. Re-train yourself to enjoy veggies raw or steamed with nothing added. Chances are you get enough salt in other parts of your diet, you don't need the added salt on your veggies. And remember... the more dark veggies you eat, the better. I like to think of veggies as being free- so eat up. The calories in Veggies won't hurt you.

FRUITS. Apples and berries are so good for you. Filling and good fiber. Here is some great info about why you should eat more berries! I buy a bag of frozen berries and add them to a bowl of non-fat plain yogurt. I actually just have 1/4 cup or less of yogurt with a TON of berries. Its like a yummy treat. Really takes the edge off if I'm feeling stressed or I'm having cravings. Berries are my GO TO SNACK!

. I am ON THE GO. I drive 40 minutes each way to the ice rink and M-F I often go there twice in one day. So I am in the car A LOT. I plan out my eating for the day with a food journal. I write down what I am taking with to eat. This way, I have already scheduled to eat those things. I also take with A LOT of stuff so that there is NO WAY I can be hungry and run out of food--thus I won't suddenly feel the need to go somewhere and grab a sandwhich.
Things I take with:
  • apple slices
  • hard boiled eggs
  • nuts
  • protein shake
  • berries
  • raw veggies

Other possibilities (things I don't take with but you might like)

  • string cheese
  • banana
  • chocolate milk
  • deli meat
  • protein bar
  • frozen grapes
  • trail mix
  • air popped popcorn

Having things easy and ready to go is the key. Pack stuff that is filling but low in calories, so you can eat more. The snacking bug gets me fast. I just like snacking. So I pick things that are "free" to snack on--like veggies. Pack a small cooler if you need to keep perishables cold. And always remember to pack extra water.

I don't care if the commercials tell you they've changed their recipes and they have something super healthy. JUST SAY NO! If you pre-plan, there should be no need to go to McDonalds or someplace else. You will save money and improve your health. Try it for a week. Give up all fast food for just 7 days. Write down your moods and how you physically feel. I promise you, you will see health improvements.

So there are some starter tips. Pick one or two of these. Don't over burden yourself by changing everything at once. Line upon Line. Here a little, there a little. You will be far more successful if you approach weight loss with this attitude.

--Super Angie

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Charles Miske said...

It's so cool to see you post these tips now. It feels good to help other people. I learned that as I began to pursue my Seven Summits Quest I had to be in better and better shape, and like Chad Waterbury said in the last workshop "you can make great changes on nutrition alone, but not as great changes on exercise alone"

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