Monday, July 27, 2009

Super Angie...around our hotel in Shinjuku

Usually we don't see a lot of birds, but one morning we saw quite a lot of crows hanging around.
We can see this building from our hotel window.
Ah, the finer things in life--notice I am doing my America's Next Top Model pose! lol
Sunday morning, we saw A LOT of bikers...made me think of Jeff.
I simply love big cities!

By the elevators, there are pop machines selling water, soda, cold coffee drinks and lots of beer and saki. Right outside our hotel there is a tree lined street. Its very tiny and has interesting street lights on it. very pretty and unusual for this area. I haven't noticed any other streets in this part of town that have trees like this.
Views from our hotel
This is our second time staying at the Shinjuku Prince Hotel. We love the location. Its fast and easy to get to the subway station, plus this area never sleeps. Its basicly the red light district of Tokyo, but we always feel very safe here and it doesn't feel sleezy. There are tons of Pachinko places around, which are brightly lit up with Neon lights and giant posters of cartoon character Japanese anima girls wearing bikinis and looking happy. Loud music and air conditioning pore out of the place.

I love walking into stores and hearing all the employees yell out "Yososoma!" which we think means WELCOME. Its so cute...they all yell it real loud and in a high pitch voice. LOVE IT!

--Super Angie


Super Angie's MOM said...

great pictures around the hotel. Now leave the hotel and have fun.

Rachel said...

it seems so bizarre that you can buy beer and saki out of a vending machine!

Anderegg & Co. said...

Wow, big beautiful city!

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