Thursday, July 9, 2009

Super Angie...Fort Casey

While in Seattle, we spent the day at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island.

The kids LOVED driving past the Everett Boeing plant where my dad worked for probably 20 plus years. One hanger door was open and we could see a new plane being made. We also saw the special plane that helps carry parts for the 787.

We were the last car on the ferry, which was cool. Tan and Gaga stood at the back and watched us leave the dock. Tan was VERY excited about being on such a big boat. In fact, when it was time to get off, she screamed and screamed. She did NOT like leaving her boat!

On the way to Fort Casey, we took a drive through our old camping stomping ground. Rhododendron state park. I couldn't beleive how TALL the trees were and how good the forest smelt. Wish we could have gone camping. Good banana slugs on this visit.

We hadn't told the kids anything about Fort Casey, so when we arrived, they were THRILLED to see this huge old naval base. We had a picnic and then took off running. Unfortuantly, part of the fort was being painted and therefore the two big cannons were off limits. But never the less, we had a great time exploring and wondering and learning about different parts and what they were used for. It was great to remember old times with my dad and all the many adventures we had there.

Afterwards, we headed to Coupeville and had some yummy ice cream--again I had Washington Mountain Blackberry...YUMMMMMMMM.

It was a great day on the Island!
--Super Angie


jenn said...

banana slugs!!!! oh the childhood memories that came rushing back!

Super Angie's MOM said...

ice cream, ferry ride, canon, lighthouse and deer and biffy, what a fun day.

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