Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Super Angie...being buddhist

We visit Asakasa a few days ago and found the most delightful place for lunch. Its run by two old guys (not disrespect intended). Infact, we think one may be the father (like in his 80s) and the other is the son (in his 50s or 60s). They spoke very little English, but the service and food were fabulous. They even took this picture of us. :)
Rick looks funny in this pic, but he too was enjoying his lunch!
Asakasa has all these little shopping streets, like this one. They are JAM PACKED with tourist stores. Perfect place to find gifts for friends back home.
There is a gorgeous and very fun Buddhist temple here. This is the area where we saw the Geishas on our last trip (for those who have seen the pictures of them in our house). No luck this time. :(This is a good luck straw slipper. You're supposeed to get luck from it if you touch it. Problem is...the bottom of it is around 8 feet off the ground. I jumped and barely skimmed the bottom of it. But at least I'm lucky now. :)
I love the little details of this door handle.
There were lots of HUGE lanterns hanging around the Buddhist temple. These pictures are extreme close ups, but the lanterns are actually around 20 feet tall!

This was a very large pagoda
We love the area of Asakasa and even though we explored it a lot on our previous trip to Tokyo, we had to go back. Glad we did. Loads of fun!
--Super Angie

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Anderegg & Co. said...

So, now that you're lucky, if I touch you, will I be lucky?

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