Thursday, July 23, 2009

Super Angie...flight day

Today we are leaving for Singapore and Japan. Bags are packed. Carry ons ready. Lots of snacks in place. The only problem....why did I wake at 4:30am? UGH!

My dad will meet us at the SLC airport. His flight comes in a few hours before ours and he will take care of Tanith the whole time we are gone. I'm so excited for Tan to have Pop time and to stay in her own bed. I think she will feel really comfortable being in her own house while we are gone.

The boys are giddy and have been for a week. They CAN NOT WAIT to go.

Our flights are: SLC-Tokyo 11 hours 50 minutes. then a slight lay over. Tokyo Singpore: 7 hours. THEN we give the boys to Mark and then Rick and I have a 4 hour layover and then we head back to Tokyo (7 hours). We will spend a week there, climb Mt. Fuji and just enjoy everything Japan before we head back to Singapore (7 hours) to relax on the beach and finally, two days later, get the boys and come back to the states (via Tokyo). PHEW!

*crossing fingers I can sleep on the plane!*
--Super Angie


jenn said...

Have a SUPER trip! I hope everyone travels well and safe!

Tiff said...

What a long trip! But it will be so much fun. You and Rick finally get a long vacation with NO kids. Hurray :)

Dancin Queen said...

You are such a world traveler! Have fun and be safe!

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