Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Super Angie... a night at Momentum

Tonight, after a very FULL day of swim lessons, errands and an outrageous adventure with Shannon and kids at a park (I'll blog about it tomorrow), we went to Momentum to get in some laps. Since its summer, we aren't being too strict with the kids on bedtime, so we climbed until day care closed at 9:30.

We are all huge fans of Joe and Collette--not just because they are SUPER AWESOME climbers, but they are also down to earth and friendly people. The boys have an autographed poster of Joe in their room--its been signed twice by Joe. He has also sent Dallin a few personal emails and congratulated him on his 3rd place at his rock climbing comp. Anyway, it was great to see them both and watch them climb. Joe called over for me to do 5 more laps on this 5.10 I was lapping so, I did 7 laps on that, 5 laps on another route and then I did a few random mystery routes--most of which sucked. lol It felt good to do a bunch of laps and I really have this 5.10 dialed in--I just love that route!

It was a really fun evening except that for some reason, Rick grabbed the wrong bag while leaving the house, and ended up only with his climbing shoes--no harness or anything. SUCK. But since his birthday is coming up, and he has lost so much weight, I told him to go treat himself at REI to a new harness. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BABY! He was able to climb a great route after getting the new harness. Looked good BABY!

The kids went CRAZY when they saw Joe. He is so sweet and got down on their level to chat with them. They told him all sorts of funny stories about their day and what they are doing (swim lessons, park playing, climbing etc). Then they got physical and started doing hand stands, cartwheels, head stands and anything else they thought would be "cool" to show off with. lol It was so funny. Dallin and Brennan also bouldered and traversed the wall. They were really and wanting to impress him. Tan too got in on the action...she was actting really silly. I guess I now know what happens when she stays up until 10!!

We got to see Joe's new shows that aren't even on the market yet. The La Sportiva Speedster. Seriously, these were the most interesting shoes Rick and I have seen. They are SO SOFT--almost like socks. I have never felt shoes like this before. They look cool. Both Joe and Collette commented about my Scarpa Magos and told me they like my shoes. I told them about how these shoes have helped me climb 12s. I love my shoes. :)

It was a really fun evening, watching two of the best climbers in the world, doing some laps, getting a good workout and just enjoying life. On our way home, we stopped at JCW's in Lehi and got shakes. Yummy!

What a shock to see Joe and Collette at the gym tonight. Thanks you guys for taking time out of your climbing to chat with us. YOU ROCK!

--Super Angie


jenn said...

Sounds very fun! I want to love the lack of structure summer offers but just feel like I run around all day from activity to activity. I'm ready for bed!!

Otter Mum's Den said...

That sound like a fantastic evening. I had a long overdue one tonight. Check it out on my blog. Things are finally looking up!

Karalee said...

Sounds like so fun!!! You guys seem like cool parents, always going places!

TriPeakPro said...

Joe is so cool and hasn't got ego issues. He's a great role model for the kids.

dancing is just me said...

ohhh looed so much fun! i wish i could come! i want to go rockclimbing so bad! i love the pics of the shoes bye!

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