Friday, June 5, 2009

Super gone day

On Wednesday, we met Shannon and kids at a fabulous park in Orem. It had been a long day already, with lots of rushing around and I was feeling a bit stressed after arriving more then 30 minutes late!

This park has a very cool swing set thingy. Its like those YOYO amusement park rides, except its not electric--you have to push it, which is actually quite hard. But the kids LOVED it.
After everyone got a turn on the swings, we headed to the fountain. Ah, it felt good to wade it in, until we saw the sign that said, "NO WADDING! UNTREATED WATER". Not sure if that meant we would die just from touching it, or we risked getting some rash, we got out. Bah Hum Bug! Attention city of Orem: TREAT YOUR WATER!
They have a very nice little duck pond there, so we all went over there. Dallin and Thatcher started trying to catch fish. They did find a dead crawfish. YUCK!
Lots of ducks and wildlife. Look at all these babies!
Aynslea and Brennan. Brennan almost immediatly fell in and got his shoes all wet.
Adelaid is just so dang cute!
Isn't this bird pretty?
How does Celise really fell about Tanith kissing her?
All the kids having fun....until they realize that some teenagers threw Ella and Ellie's flip flops in the water.
Aynslea put on Dallin's boots and tried to wade out to get the boots. Too deep!
So, I saw some college kids with a dog and a fishing pole. I asked them if they could help. They sent their dog out to retrieve the flip flops.
The dog got a lot of cheers for his heroic efforts. HE SAVED THE DAY!
Look at Adelaid hold Tanni's wrist as they walked back to the car. TOO CUTE.
Super Shannon with Celise--truely one of the nicest and "real" people I know.

It was a great day at the park with lots of laughs and smiles. Thanks Shannon! We had a BLAST!
--Super Angie


dancing is just me said...

oh looked so much fun and i love the tittle of your post! i love the pics and the waster looks so prtetty! well talk to ya latter bye!

Otter Mum's Den said...

I love that look on the baby's face as Tan is kissing her! Looks like a "Back off, Sistah! You're in my bubble of personal space!"
Looks like a whole bunch of fun!

Super Angie's MOM said...

great park, lots of cute kids, I think the water is mainly don't drink but with kids, they will drink or suck their fingers.

Anderegg & Co. said...

So much fun! I want to go!

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On Belay
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