Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super and new shoes

This morning, Howard (my ex-husband's dad) took the boys fishing. They were SOOOO excited to be going fishing with Grandpa. They got up early this morning and colored him some pictures (even Tanith colored him a picture!). I packed their backpack with snacks, got their hats and coats ready, and off them went.

Howard ended up taking them up AF canyon to Tibblefork Res. Right away they started catching fish. Brennan caught 5 (including the largest) and Dallin caught 4. All rainbow troat. They also saw other types of fish and even some eggs. Grandpa taught them all about everything they saw and did. Dallin ended up passing off the requirements to get his Fishing Beltloop. CONGRATS DALLIN! What a wonderful morning time all three had together. Oh, and they also got to meet Grandpa's new dog. A perfect day!

While Howard took the boys, we hired a sitter to watch Tanith so we could go climbing. Originally we were going to climb with Nate up one of the cottonwoods, but with the Thunderstorms brewing and the darker skies, we canceled. Instead we went to Momentum. When we arrived, we saw the REI was having their Garage Sale. We just HAD to check that out, and lucky we did, because they were also having some nice sales. Since loosing so much weight, my North Face Denali jacket no longer fits (anyone want it?), and lucky for me, they had a fantastic one (WITH A HOOD!!!!) in size small. WHAT? I'm a size Small?? Amazing! So, I walked out pretty happy.

We had a blast climbing at Momentum today. We tried a bunch of strange routes that we usually don't. I failed on a bunch, which made me grumpy, but its all about trying, right? The other night, Rick took advantage of a LaSportiva shoe demo the gym was having, and climbed with the Miura VS. WHOA! What a great shoe! His climbing INSTANTLY improved and he was just doing awesome. Since his birthday is coming up soon, I told him to buy himself a pair, which he did yesterday at Black Diamond. Yea! So, he climbed today with his new yellow shoes and really looked great. He is placing his feet on tiny holds now and sending stuff with control and confidence.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY early Baby! Love you!
Congrats Brennan and Dallin on a great day fishing.
And...YEA for the Thunderstorms. Loving this!

--Super Angie


TriPeakPro said...

That's quite a bag of fish they brought home.

It was fun climbing with you this morning.

Super Angie's MOM said...

congradulations boys (all three) and girl for size small. Sounds like a great day for everyone.

Otter Mum's Den said...

Size small! You are giving me hope that I someday will get out of X-L and into L, and work my way down from there:)
Just posted pics of my twins this morning testing for purple belt.

TriPeakPro said...

We had the fish for supper tonight - cooked on the "george" the easy way. Everyone loved it. The boys were so proud, and I gave Angie the largest one that Brennan caught. That really made him happy.

Anderegg & Co. said...

Happy Birthday, early! Fishing....something Jake won't take the kids to do because he hates fish. And he's an eagle scout! Silly boy! What fun times!

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On Belay
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