Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Angie..Keep Clam

Yesterday, my dad stepped in to watch the kids so my mom and I could go to University Village in Seattle to go to H&M. When I lived in Germany, I would shop all the time at H&M, so I was excited to go to one in Seattle.

After we parked and started walking towards H&M, I realized I was in HEAVEN!!!! A Juicy Couture store was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to H&M. Ah....

Well, of course, I couldn't pass it up and neither could my wallet. LOL I got a new Juicy warmup hoodie and a shortsleeve one as well. Oh yeah, and some lip gloss. :) I just love JUICY. Such a happy store.
Then onto H&M and it felt like I was back home in Germany. So many cute styles, I just HAD to try on 14 things! lol I only bought 3 shirts.
By now, my mom and I were hungry, but on the way to ZAO (a Japanese Noodle place) we passed by LUCY. Ah, I love LUCY too and found a great sale on shirts and a pair of pants that would be great for hiking. Yea! :)

We enjoyed our noodle lunch and then headed home.

Later, for dinner, we decided to take the whole family into Seattle and enjoy, well, what else...IVARS! I thought about BUSY JENN as we fed the seagulls and enjoyed our fish and chips. I have been going to Ivars on the waterfront since birth and yet, I never grow tired of it. (BTW Busy Jenn...got ya a little gift from Ivars! :) ) The kids were SOOOO excited to feed the seagulls, see the ferry and the fire fighting boat. We just had so much fun being together. :)
Ah, I just love being "home" in Seattle. Except, my allergies are WAY worse here then they are in Utah. How strange!


Tiff said...

Sounds like you are having a great time going down memory lane!!!

jenn said...

Does anyone have a napkin? I'm drooling over here! And on the verge of screaming- I LOVE Ivar's!! It's so funny that we share childhood memories and affection for the same thing- feeding seagulls at Ivar's and watching the ferry boats... did you feed a lot of ducks as a kid too?!

I can tell you are having a SUPER time!

Anderegg & Co. said...

Fun times! I'm glad you had fun!

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