Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Super Angie...pictures from 2009 Teva Mountain Games

me with Tiffany Hensley. She has the best attitude with climbing and doesn't take herself too seriously. I had met her last year in the Speed comp at Nationals. Shes really cool. She came in 6th at the World Cup event and I convinced her to come out to the Citizen's comp and compete. She came to wave 1, which I climbed in, to cheer me on! THANKS! (I'll post pictures later I took of her climbing in Wave 2)

Heres a bunch of pictures from the 2009 Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO. This is the citizen's bouldering comp. I competed in the "recreation" division, which means I climb V0 and V1--super easy! This was my first bouldering comp.The problems are numbered 1-32, with 1 being the easiest and 32 being totally advanced. My goal: complete 5 problems (1-5) and then work on harder problems.
Oh yeah, and look cute and stylin in my diamond top! LOL The announcer actually mentioned me saying something like, "And now the most colorful climber is on the wall" LOLMike, from USA Climbing. I have met him at the Nationals comp in SLC and he recognized me and came over to do an interview with me. LOL He asked, "So, Angie, How many of these comps have you done" "2! Nationals this year and last" I answered. "Nationals for what?" "SCS Adult Nationals" I said. "Cool. How did you do?" he asked. "Last place! " LOL I said and then added, "Except in Speed, where I took first place". "Ah, so you see everyone, she is REALLY fast!" It was cute.
I followed Steven Jeffery's advice: watch other climbers to get Beta on the routes. This REALLY helped.
I also thought of what Shelley had told me: Relax, Enjoy it and believe in your capabilities. I was REALLY nervous before hand and tried my hardest to just relax. My goal was: don't come in last place! Even second to last is better then last! (I ended up taking 3rd place, out of 5!! I'm so proud of myself for scoring 600 points higher then 4th and 5th place).
At the beginning of the comp, I hooked up with another recreation climber, Laura, and we worked together. We started with number 1, then 3, 4. Then we split up and I did 2 and 5. She started trying harder routes and did really well. She went on to win our division!
She was a great technician and a great motivator.
And a great spotter!
Strange position, but looks cool.
I'm proud of myself for handling these walls and not getting freaked out.
Here I am giving #2 a go.
This route was super easy and had a nice flow to it.
The other climbers in line for this section were really cool and it was fun to hang with them.
OH MY GOSH! Alex Puccio! I have met Alex a few times at Nationals and she remembered me. She competed at the WORLD CUP the night before and WON! She totally crushed. She is super strong and very very nice.
After all the pressure was off and I had met my goal of doing 5 problems, I started to have fun "playing" on harder routes.
Number 9 had this really balancey move that...
I just couldn't figure out and fell on!
Yea for the tent over the wall. It hailed, rained and even snowed during our two hours on the wall!!
I asked for a spot, and Alex Puccio (my favorite climber!!!) stepped up to spot me. OH MY GOSH!!!! This was problem #7.
It was great having Alex as a spotter. :)
My first attempt on number 7 and I took a big fall. Afterwards, Alex gave me lots of tips (or Beta). I took her advice and put it to work on my next several attempts.
Yea for MOMENTUM INDOOR CLIMBING! I proudly wore my hoodie!
I liked the way #7 started.
Ah, feels good to pull up and move on this route.
I like how my back looks in this pic. I'm getting stronger and luvin it!
Another great shot of my back.
Getting around the corner to that blue hold was an amazing feeling.
No wonder my arms were super achy--I was really pulling on those two holds!
Ah, my favorite move. This just felt so so good, but at the same time, frustrating that I couldn't just bump up to the next hold.
Oops! I fell! (luv this action shot!)
I loved the flow of number 7. Little nothings for foot holds. Lots of nice sequencing. I loved it! (btw, this guy was really nice. I enjoyed meeting so many fabulous climbers. Everyone was super supportive!)
This move just felt incredible. Going up to the Teva hold for the first time was fabulous.
Getting the right foot flagged out was key to reaching around the corner for the next hold.
I'm heal hooking with both my right and left feet! Freaking amazing!
This is the part where my triceps started giving out. Note to self: work your triceps MORE!
After seeing this picture, I wish I could go try it one more time, except this time, I would turn my right hip in. I think with my right foot on that hold, and my hip turned in, I could have made it to that next TEVA hold around the corner.
My final attempt on problem number 7. This was amazing. This guy who was in line with me, jumped up on the mat and called out, "I'm gonna spot ya! You can do it! Come on!" and with that, I started my final attempt. My fingers were going raw, my muscels screaming out in pain, and the time was ticking and the comp was almost over. I think there was 5 minutes left. I attempted #7 5 times. Anyway, my spotter was VERY supportive and was yelling directions and beta to me. "Good! Now just stand up on that foot and I'm spotting ya, go for it!" He was so enthusiastic that even when my feet came off the holds, I was able to whip them back on. He got the ENTIRE crowd cheering for me. It was such a high. I did spring up to that next hold, but fell trying. I got a huge "pound" from my spotter and a lot of cheers from the other competitors. It was a rush. I couldn't stop smiling. I really pushed myself and although I never did finish the problem, I couldn't be happier!
Mike from USA Climbing.
He is the nicest person.
Here we are waiting for the awards ceremony. It started pouring down!
I was shocked! ME? Come in 3rd? You mean I didn't come in last?
Look! I'm sitting next to Tiffany Hensley and proudly showing off my medal. BRRR! It was freezing!
I think the bronze medal compliments my top! lol

I had so much fun at this comp. Thanks to everyone who supported me and encouraged me to go--even though I thought I would FOR SURE come in last place. I can't wait for next year. The climbers, the announcer, the routes, the venue....everything was great!

--Super Angie


Otter Mum's Den said...

Simply awesome! Love those back muscles! Must be all that chicken white meat, girl!

TriPeakPro said...

it was so far out - especially how hard you worked that #7

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

thanks baby! I appreciated you encouraging me to try 7 and you did an AWESOME job taking pics the whole time AND watching the kids at the same time!

Erica said...

Great pics and great job! Congrats on 3rd, I know you've been working really hard!

Tiff said...

Wow way to go! That is so fun and exciting!

coletteloc said...

nice angie!! sorry i missed you at the comp! i love your top! hope to see you when we come back through slc!
xxx colette

Anderegg & Co. said...

Yea!!! You go girl! You look fantastic!!!! Congrats! You are becoming such an incredible climber!

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