Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Angie... BOO YA!

What a FANTASTIC morning at the rink. I had a freaking awesome lesson. The type of lesson when my coach just connects to me and I just "get it". I may not be able to "do it", but it makes sense. Felt sooo good! :)

My good friends Stacey and Carrie came to Vegas (for Skate for Hope rehearsals) and we all shared the morning freestyles and coffee club. What a blast.

I was really REALLY touched by Carrie's comments. I skated APOLOGIZE and when I finished, she skated up to me just raving. "Wow! You have really REALLY improved since Nationals." she went on and on. This meant so much to me because she saw me in October. I'm so thankful for my coach and for how he has changed me and inspired me and taught me since Nationals. I am just so thankful. I did some good run throughs of BACH as well--except for my camel spin. I spent a lot of time in my lesson working on that. Sometimes its there, sometimes its gone. Its very frustrating for me because there are other people who can't do the jumps I can do but they can easily do a camel spin. I want to be a complete skater, and spinning just doesn't come easily. Skating is a lot of work for me. A LOT OF WORK.

After my lesson, I saw Jennifer was there. She is a total sweet heart. She is one of Vassili's new students, who is also a professional ball room dancer. She is gorgeous and has a heart of gold. She has often come up to me showering me with compliments--very very kind. I took Vassili's advice and asked her to help me with Gaga. I skated it full out for her to see it and then explained different problem areas. She instantly had BRILLIANT ideas and its started feeling SOOO fabulous. She says for me personally, I look better doing big outer movements, instead of movements close to my body. She really revamped some parts and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to work with her again.

After skating a public session with miss Tanith, and then having lunch with the gang at Sweet Tomatoes, Carrie, Rick, Tan and I went to FASHION SHOW mall and did some damage at the lulu lemon store. :) Then God Mother Carrie took Tan to BUILD A BEAR and helped her make a cat. Soooo adorable and sweet. I just love Carrie. And Tan and her became fast friends!

Tonight was SKATE FOR HOPE rehearsals and it was so fun. Vassili and Nancy worked with us and it was just awesome. I still feel so handicapped--I am a very slow learner, but I like it.

Phew what a day!

--Super Angie

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