Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Angie...same old feet

The boots themselves don't hurt. Its my arch that does. I tried skating with my custom insole, but it bumps my heal up too high, so it won't lock down in the heal pocket. Just on my right foot. Pain in the butt. Without the insole, my foot fits nice and snug, no pain...except in the arch. OUCH! And the back spin...still totally off.

I hate this ongoing foot prob but I also remember tearing my Achilles 13 yrs ago (and all the PT I went through afterwards) before I knew about proper I would like to avoid that.

Vassili watched me skate over and over and over, edge after horrible edge. And he made some adjustments to the placement of my blades.

All that said, I was able to do some good run throughs today, although I was deeply hurt by some comments about my Bad Romance program. Its not so much the comments that hurt, but that attitude in which they were said--instead of sticking up for me, this person just dug deep. Its fine if you hate my programs (I don't expect everyone to hate it--and I am fully aware that this program isn't "fantastic"--heck I basically choreographed it myself), but to publicly humiliate me-- especially when you know I'm not skating full out, and that its my first day in new skates-- I just don't handle that well. I may just quit...

Super not so Super Angie.


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JAnderegg said...

Those comments are usually made to make the other person feel don't listen to them. You be "YOU"!!! That is what people like best....people who really count!

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