Monday, February 28, 2011

Super Angie.... Stars on Ice

Every year, growing up, my mom took me to Stars on Ice. Some how we managed to get front row most years. I hadn't bought tickets to this year's show because it wasn't coming to Salt Lake, Denver or Vegas. So when I came to Seattle for the memorial and found out there were in town, I just HAD to go...but it was the night before the memorial, and I just felt wrong about going. BUT I found out they had a show on Sunday in Wenatchee, so I went to that...and got FRONT ROW/ON ICE SEATS!!!!!!!!
As always, the group numbers are so fantastic. Here is Jamie and Ben rock out!

Fun costumes, great music and all my heros.

Kurt, in the middle of a triple jump! amazing!

Jamie and David doing a death spiral.

Tanith looked adorable with her short wig .
Sasha Cohen!!!!
Another beautiful and emotional group number

Katia...enough said.

Tanith and Ben...

so much passion
Katia Gordeeva!
Kurt Browning. Shortly after I took this pic, he looked at me and motioned at my Russian Olympic coat and gave me a nod and a smile. EEK! So exciting.

More Katia.
She too noticed my jacket and gave me a BIG grin.

Todd. It was fun being so close to all the skaters.
Joannie.... amazing triple jumps!

I had so much fun at this show. I felt the presence of my mom there. I also felt such a connection to all the skaters and they were all so sweet to make such personal eye contact with all of us on the front row. I've met a lot of them in person and just feel so connected to them. It was a great show...just the thing I needed!

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Otter Mum's Den said...

I almost didn't send that email telling you about the show because with it being on Friday night, the night before the Memorial, it somehow felt so wrong to me too. But some little voice kept whispering I needed to send this information to you anyway. And then you came back with this email about your mom taking you every year, and I didn't know if my having prompted that memory was good or bad. I am so glad you went to the Wenatchee show and felt her close by. Maybe that little voice knew what it was talking about after all and I should not have fought it so bad!

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