Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Angie..Super Barbara Waibel

My mom is dying in a hospital bed at the very hospital she gave birth to me at.

I miss her already.

My mom is my best friend. We talk constantly on the phone, over chat and in emails. We trust each other and confide in each other. Sure we get under each other's skin but we also love each other more then words.

I just want to call her and talk to her about how I'm feeling. I miss her.

car rides to Snoqualimie falls, Fall City, Carnation, Duval and Marysville
trips to Seattle
having her watch me skate--and be so proud of me for the smallest things.
traveling around Europe together
getting lost on trains
clothes shopping together
going to Prague
Thanksgiving in Venice
Petting Kangaroos in Australia
Riding the subway
Singing in Church together
buying crafts for the kids
taking the kids on walks and to the park
eatting chinese food
eating Teriaki
working out together at GOLD'S GYM
Cheering each other on with our fitness goals
She came to all the productions I was in
She cheered me on when I was Mascot and was so proud to have me come meet all the ladies she worked with during election times
She was there when Dallin was born--in the room! She was right outside the door when Brennan and Tanith were born.
She always told me I was beautiful
Ferry boat rides and seeing the seals
Going to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks
Going to Victoria, BC
Road trip down to Monterrey
Crossroads mall--eating at the food court and listening to the bands play
shopping for school clothes
she volunteered at my elementary school and Jr. High so I would feel more secure
She knew how to calm me down during an asthma attack
she always knew what to say to help me with my problems
she treated me with respect and love
she cheered the LOUDEST at my ice skating comp in Vegas and she told everyone that she was my mom!
Girls Camp

Calling each other every single day!

I love you mom.

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On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
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