Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Angie... running insane

Today was my first day running in my new HOKAS. I bought the BONDI B from Bouldering Running Company in Boulder, CO. I LOVE THESE SHOES. Now I do NOT credit myself as a runner. I'm just thrilled to death to do a little bit of running and have my asthma be able to handle it. The shoes are fabulous. So much cushion and support for my poor little knees.

I also LOVE wearing Lulu Lemon pants, tanks and now my new coat. Basicly the same thing I wear skating. I just love their stuff!

I only run inside on my treadmill. I like to watch skating related shows. Right now I'm re-watching the US NATIONALS for this year. I also like to watch older comps, Olympics, touring shows, Johnny Weir's reality show, and Skating with the Stars (and similar shows from other countries).

I like the fact that there is a mirror right infront of the treadmill. I helps me check my form and makes me proud of myself. I've come so far.

I am so thrilled that I'm running and kicking my asthma in the butt. And with my rink now closed for the next several weeks, I'm gonna focus more on running and I know I'll see great results.

Now to drink some water! :)
--Super Angie

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