Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super boots!

Well FINALLY my boot woes are over. Tired of being sized wrong twice for Reidell 1300s, and having so many issues, I went to Jack at the World Arena in Colorado Springs yesterday. I was prepared to drop big bucks for some custom skates, but Lady Luck was on MY SIDE! Jack measured every part of my foot. We talked about some problem areas (because of my flat feet, I am wider in certain areas and narrow in others--that aren't normal). It was determined that my foot is just made for Riedell boots.

JUST BY CHANCE he had a pair of slightly used boots on the shelf. Riedell 875 TS. A local Junior level skater had used them for less then 2 weeks when she determined she needed something different. AND JUST BY CHANCE, these were the exact size and measurements I needed. YEA!

Jack's customer service is beyond anything I've experienced. He took a full hour, heating, molding and punching out any problem area. Over and over until it not only felt perfect, but looked perfect! I've never seen punching done so well. There were no marks. He really is a craftsman and really loves what he does. Its no wonder people around the world ship him their skates. He mounted my skates, and then had me go out and skate. It was the end of a session on the Olympic ice, and I had the whole ice to myself. Oh my gosh! It was thrilling! To skate on such historic ice--where our current world champion trains! He had me do some one foot glides and INSTANTLY they were text book perfect. I didn't struggle at all, like I had in the past. The boots and mounting worked hand in hand. The boot hugged my foot perfectly, it was SOOO nice! Then after determining the one foot glides looked and felt amazing, he had me do crossovers and three turns. Wow...the sharpening was AMAZING! I have never felt this way. I am sold. I will now only have Jack sharpen them. :)

He asked me to do a spin...and an amazing thing happened. PERFECTLY CENTERED! He even commented on how nice it was. Yea!!!!!!!! Then he said, "show me something else", so with the rink mine, I did a really nice hydroblade up into a Chinese Spiral. The edge held so well that I didn't even struggle to stand up into the spiral. Effortless. I was amazed and he was very happy. He gave me lots of compliments on my skating. :)

He did the the final mounting and waxed them. I got an amazing deal on these boots. I'm soooo excited!

(and of course I had to add a little bling to the boot!)

--Super Angie

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lvs2dance said...

Love the bling....doesn't a little bling just make everything look and FEEL better?! Glad you solved your boot problem, now get your booty back out on the ice!

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