Sunday, May 8, 2011

Super Angie...doubts need to flee

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” -John Wooden.

One moment, I'm full of confidence. I am so excited about my goals and aspirations. But then the next moment, I'm full of self doubt.

When I'm running on the treadmill, I look at myself in the mirror. I see how far I've come and how different my body looks. I'm happy and pleased, but then suddenly the doubts come into my mind. Thoughts like: you are such a failure that those pants that fit in January no longer fit! and There is NO WAY you will ever lose that belly!

Good Angie.
Bad Angie.
Super Angie.

Another thought: you will never be a beautiful skater, so why bother?


Otter Mum's Den said...

You already are a beautiful skater by my definition! Don't be too hard on yourself:)

lvs2dance said...

I feel your pain. Why do we as women do this to ourselves? One day I'm feeling good about my results and then I go somewhere and see a really fit and hot looking 'momma' and I look down at my muffin top and just hate myself. It can be so discouraging. Girl, you have turned yourself into a runner! A runner! That in my book is AMAZING. I keep trying to turn myself into one, but I HATE IT! I can only 'run' on an elliptical and I hate that about me. Why can't I be like so many of my neighbors and enjoy running and even do marathons? Sorry I didn't mean for this to be a downer. LOL I meant to cheer you up, boy I'm lousy at that huh?! LOL

JAnderegg said...

If you feel good, it doesn't matter how you look. Each body is different. Yours is beautiful!

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