Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Angie...thinking Bach

My dramatic program APOLOGIZE is fun. I love it. I feel it. I can do it and do it well. Dare I say, I've trained it enough that its "easy" now. It most certainly is NOT an easy program. It took SOOO long for me to get it right, but now, I'm so comfortable with it. I just love this program.

My Character program BAD ROMANCE is also fun. Its a blast to rock out. I've changed it up and made it harder, but its not so hard that I can't have fun during it. I'm happy with it. I'm skating it less frantic, which feels good. But its still a fun program and I think the audience likes it.

My freeskate is BACH. I choreographed this program originally myself, and since, Vassili has helped define it, and make it more pleasing and more complete. Oh yeah, and HARDER!!! I'm having doubts about Bach mainly because I have been so sick this month, and the altitude has been wearing me down. I have two weeks until I compete and I can't wait to get back to Vegas- to lower altitude, so I can really train this program.

I love my BACH program. The emotions in it. The story I tell. The story I live while skating it. The story I share. I love the music. I love my dress. I love the choreography. I love smiling while skating it and feeling the pure joy of skating.

I want to skate this program in St. Louis and do the very best I ever have.

I'm nervous about some of the elements and I don't know what to do or think...

--Super Angie

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