Sunday, April 3, 2011

Super Angie... snowing

Its snowing.
Its blowing.
I'm sooo happy.

I simply love living in Keystone. I love the coziness of my tiny condo. I love my deck. I love my big windows. I love all the trees I see. And I LOVE the snow!

Yesterday it was 50 Degrees. We had all the windows open. The kids played outside with no coats. We had the windows down as we drove to the store. If I hadn't felt so sick in the afternoon, we would have walked to the lake for dinner with our friends. Sadly we had to cancel. But despite the sickness, it was a beautiful day. I had my bedroom window open and just enjoyed the view as I laid in bed for several hours.

And this morning...SNOW!!!

I'm so thankful we have this ski condo. I'm thankful that the kids and I can live here full time and Rick can live here part time. It has been so nice to have him here for the past 10 days, although it makes me realize, its WAY TOO SMALL for the 5 of us and all our stuff! But I am thankful he came and it was so nice to be a normal family and to have someone take care of me while I've been sick.

Vegas is still on my mind. Truth be told...I am NOT fond of the dessert or the heat. BUT I am fond of being together with my whole family and having a house instead of a condo. AND the housing market is a total buyer's market right now. Everything just makes sense. I'm just glad we don't have to move until August AND I'm glad we are keeping this condo--it will be so nice to have our Keystone get-a-way to come to. :)

I love the snow.
--Super Angie (slowly each day I'm feeling better)

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