Saturday, April 9, 2011

Super Angie...Vegas House

Today I went over to the home builder, saw our lot (LOVE our views!!) and then picked the exterior color out. Yea! Its very similar to the color of the house I built in Utah a few years ago. Tomorrow is the hard day--the day I have to pick out all our options for inside. I'm so torn on colors and flooring and and and. AHHH!!!!! They actually said it can take 6 hours to do everything! EEK

After picking out the exterior color, I went to Green Valley Ranch shopping district. It was a lot of fun. Interesting to see the differences between our REI in SLC or Denver and this one. I FINALLY found a modest swim suit at Downeast Basics. Oh how I have missed that store. I was a good girl though and didn't get anything else...well...except for a beach bag/purse. But I was very tempted by all their fun summer stuff. And all the nice dresses and skirts for church.

I am feeling healthy and strong and happy. Its amazing that just a few days ago I was still feeling sick. And today, I'm healthy enough to shop, eat, hang out. I'm re-reading some journal entries from the beginning of April and I can't believe how sick I got. It was really horrible and I'm just glad I have that out of my system now. I'm sad that I missed coming to Vegas last weekend with all the ladies for the practice. But I'm thankful that its out of my system now.

AND there was a really cool storm over the mountains...very pretty!
--Super Angie

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