Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Angie...a big thank you

Today I had my first lesson with my new coaches, Micheal and Kellyn (Nancy wasn't in town). It was hard to switch coaches but something I felt I needed to do right now. But I will never forget the steller coach I did have. Vassili was an amazing coach for me.

He helped me at Adult Nationals, before he was even my coach. He taught me about proper off ice pre comp warmups. He helped me see that I should NOT listen to pop music off ice before I skate--it gets me too hyper. He made sure I had a warm room to warm up in. He helped me with my posture. He forced me to do my jumps correctly and wouldn't let me slack off. Because of this, I've been able to go to comps with HUGE loop and flip jumps and get a lot of compliments. He created APOLOGIZE for me which, hands down, is my best program. He helped me with my back cross overs--to be bigger, more powerful with less effort. He helped me calm down on the ice, while still maintaining power and speed. He corrected my loop take off and my lutz take off. He encouraged me to do a catch foot spiral and made me believe that I could do it and do it well. He seemed to believe in me, more then I believed in myself, so when he asked me to do something (like a back spin! EEEKKK!!!) I started BELIEVING more in myself. He pushed me hard and was strict, but I knew he wouldn't ask me to do something that he didn't think I could do.


So THANK YOU Vassili. Thanks for taking a chance on an adult skater and helping me soar!

--Super Angie

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