Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Angie...thinking of my mom

I want to call my mom so badly this morning. An over whelming desire to call and talk to her. Yesterday while watching a friend's skating program on youtube, I noticed my mom in the back ground, watching in the bleachers. I could see her just standing there with my dad. Alive and smiling and happy.

The pit in my stomach hurts so bad this morning. So painful and the tears are flowing like Snoqualmie Falls. I have so many memories. So many thoughts. So many beautiful experiences. But so many things I want to talk to her about. Like I saw an article in the Ensign about Carl Bloch--I'd love to talk to her about this Danish artist, since she is Danish. So many things I want to ask or be reminded of--things she has told me over and over again.

I've picked new freeskate music. Its Wings of Hope by Danny Wright. I plan to dedicate this glorious song to my mom. Its a beautiful song--perfect, I believe for my skating. I'm anxious to begin working with Vassili on the choreography.

Other things going on:
  • this week Dallin goes for three days to 4th grade Outdoor Ed. HIGH TRAILS is located several hours away. It looks like this is going to be a wonderful camp for him. He gets to stay in a cabin and do a lot of hiking, journal writings and learning about the wild west. I'm excited for him to be a part of the Homesteaders group where he gets to push a Mormon handcart. Part of our family ancestry. :)
  • After Dallin gets back, we are heading to Vegas for Spring Break. The kids have never driven there--just Tan and I. So I think this will be a nice educational drive for them. Maybe we'll have time to stop and see some sites like Goblin Valley. I'm not sure though.
  • Once in Vegas, Rick flies in Saturday night.
  • Sunday I meet up with our home builder to start the process and pick out all our options. I'm excited but nervous and stressed.
  • Then we skate for a week in Vegas and do lots of fun things. :) Dallin is going to take a lesson with Kellyn and see if he is a good fit with her. Tanith will take lessons with Brigitte. I will of course take lessons with Vassili and Nancy. And I'm trying to figure out which coach will be a good match for Brennan.
  • Rick is training for Denali. He leaves May 1st and comes home May 30th. This is a HUGE trip and I'm nervous and excited for him.
This is probably why my body is freaking out so bad. I'm overwhelmed.

Skating is holding me together. Family time in front of the TV is holding me together. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is holding me together.

I am depressed.
I'm trying to continue being Super Angie...

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Wendi said...

I didn't know you lost your mother. I'm so very sorry! I know that the two of you were very close. Sending lots of love your way and hoping you continue to feel His love as the hole heals. Love you.

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