Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Angie... working working working balance check

It was so nice to get back to the Las Vegas Ice Center today and work hard. I first worked with Kellyn. What a gem she is. I'm so happy to be working with her. Everything she said completely made sense. I just really connected with her. Its so nice when what a coach says just makes sense. I remember having a coach in Seattle once that just clicked. Everything made sense immediatly and this is how my lesson with Kellyn was. So glad I worked with her.

I'm very hard on myself. I know I have A LOT of faults on the ice, but Kellyn also helped me see that I have some beautiful things about my skating as well. Sometimes its nice to be told "you are a beautiful skater". I needed to hear that.

I'm excited about the things she helped me with. Power three turns, which I will need when I test USFS. These are NOT easy for me. She has given me new things to focus on and just put me at ease. That was really nice. She also taught me a beautiful new warm up, which again, puts my focus somewhere else and its easier for me to do it correctly.

Whenever I see a show skater, I just LOVE the confidence they skate with, and I think already Kellyn is giving this to me. I'm excited to see where my skating will go now that I'm working with her.

I also practiced on my own today and did some run throughs of WONDERFUL. Yuni helped me a bit with it, as did another friend. I really like the way its turning out. AND Its soooo much easier to skate it at this altitude! LOL

Then I had a lesson with Micheal and that was a blast. We started working on my new freeskate--the one to the Danny Wright music I had posted earlier about. Its so fun to work with different coaches and choreographers and to learn new steps. Micheal and I get a long very well. I really like what he has done so far. Its HARD though...or at least hard for me. But I'm learning and its a challenge. Give me a jump to do, and no prob...I love it! But little footwork and in between tricky for me. This program is gonna be awesome. I'm excited and having fun with the process.

I saw Brigitte and Jessica and so many friends. It was just a great time at the rink.

OH, and when I first got there, I got to watch Century and Tina do their last run-throughs before leaving for Adult Nationals. GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!

--Super Angie

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