Sunday, April 10, 2011

Super Angie... I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it

Today was the day!

I started the day by driving around my new neighborhood, enjoying the many parks in the area where my kids will no doubt LOVE playing. I just LOVE the vibe there. I'm very excited to move. I got my haircut nearby and then headed to the design studio for my very VERY long afternoon of picking out everything from: where the electrical outlets will be, to what counter top I wanted, to the hinges on the doors and the types of windows I wanted.

I REALLY loved working with Virginia, Steve and Alan. They each made me feel very comfortable and offered a lot of sound advice. I'm extremely happy with all the things I picked and really am anxious to see how the whole house will look.

My inspiration for the house was the hotel I once stayed in in Singapore. A very "spa" like feeling. I think I accomplished this and captured that feeling for the house. My favorite thing is the the backsplash for the kitchen and the cabinets.

I'm so excited to move here now. The house feels right. The neighborhood is perfect. I'm excited for my kids to have more opportunities then they currently have in Keystone. I'm excited for Rick to have Red Rock to run and hike in daily. I'm excited to start lessons tomorrow with my new coaches. And I'm excited to eat more frozen yogurt. :)

Life is swell!
--Super Angie

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