Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Angie...committed

Church was so great today. It was Stake Conference which was broadcast to our building since our stake center is all the way in Golden. :)

Gave me time to reflex and make new goals and plans for the future.

Also gave me some food for thought, like -- If you commit to something, then you commit to it--knowing all the side effects and ups and downs associated with it. Don't chicken out. Don't back down. Don't make excuses. Do it and do it with a smile! :)

Things I'm gonna work on: Being a better mom. Having family home evening. taking time for simple things. Make more things.

My coach also taught me to stick to my commitments... its hard not to want to turn and run. But he taught me this very important lesson, and I'm thankful for his advice.

I love going to FB and seeing so many of my friends being so dedicated to their jobs, sports, or being a parent. Making home made clothes (Mary!). Or running a faster mile (Brad). Or always being filled with positive quotes on living a better life (Dion!). Life is too short to be angry (Mikey!). You gotta seize the moment (Alexis). and on and on. I love being surrounded by people who see the glass and are thankful to even have the glass, let alone if it has milk in it or not.

--Super Angie

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Tiff said...

I love this! I think our society can sometimes lead to whats only best for them. They commit to things and than its not convenient so that back out! If you say your going to do it, do it and do your best! I think you do a great job of that. Keep it up!

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