Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Angie...up up and away

What a difference a day makes.

Today I went to the morning freestyle. First, it was so wonderful to see so many friends I haven't seen in months. This session is great because its just adults because its during the day. I love all these and feel so motivated when I skate with them.

Tom and Tina were there. I just adore them and am so sad they are moving, but good news...they will be going to Vegas a lot, so I will still see them.

I met a few newbies today. First is Genie. She is 15yrs old, but so mature. I thought she was 19. She is a pre-juv skater and working on all her doubles. She is super flexible and just has a neat appeal on the ice. So nice. Can't wait to skate more with her because she is very inspiring. She home schools which is why she is at the rink during the day.

I also met a really nice woman and man...they are old friends, dating back to when they skated as kids. They live in Breck, but haven't skated at our rink because its mainly a hockey rink. Tracey and Kelly. SOOOO NICE! They have a huge skating background--trained with such wonderful coaches. Really helpful. So fun to skate with.

Pam and Nicki were there. Everyone was really supportive of my mom passing away. Tom was floored..."I just talked to her a few months ago when they came!!!" Turns out Tina's mom died when Tina was just 40. Her mom was only 60!!! So sad!

Anyway, I really felt alive today. My spins were better. Kelly gave me some tips and they worked. I watched and learned from Genie. I felt lower, more stable. I just need to spin spin spin. My back spin was MUCH better and guess what...drum roll please... I did a camel spin. I only held it for 2 revolutions, but WHO CARES! I did it!! I'm so happy. My jumps were amazing. I feel like I'm doing better on my arms and crossing my leg in front. Everything just felt ON.

It was a great day. I felt like I was floating up up and away...

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