Friday, March 18, 2011

Super mom, my biggest supporter

I remember when I was 15, 16 maybe even 14...not sure of the exact age, My mom would drive me to Highland arena in Seattle to skate every Saturday morning. I took lessons with a coach there, Mary Lou. My mom would sit at the tables inside and watch me. She wouldn't read. She wouldn't talk to other people. She wasn't distracted-- she just watched me. Thumbs up and smiles.
When it was obvious that my $25 skates from the Sears catalog wouldn't cut it for me anymore, she bought me a pair of Reidells from the proshop. And she bought me a few skirts. Purple, gray and my favorite--black and white floral print. I had a purple and white striped sweatshirt I would usually wear, and purple turtle neck body suit.

After skating lessons (again, I only took once a week for 30 minutes) I would practice for the remainder of the public session and then we would go to Arbys on our way home. :)

During the Eulogy that my brother gave, he mentioned that from my mom's journals, she said, that as a child, she wanted to be an Actress, a Mother and an Ice skater.

Look at me!

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Tiff said...

What a great and amazing mom! I hope I can always be there for my kids and just enjoy them! Sounds like you learned that from your mom.

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