Sunday, March 27, 2011

Super Angie...ugh

I'm not feeling well today.

BUT I'm happy. I have my kids and my husband all here together, so life is wonderful :) Yesterday we spent the day together, running errands, eating, playing. And then we got a sitter and Rick and I enjoyed a nice date night- shopping in Breck and at the outlet mall and then a nice dinner at Kenosha Steak House in Breck. Mmmm...LOVE their burgers!!!

Friday we went to Denver so Rick could see about getting some things for his upcoming trip to climb Mt. Denali in Alaska (the tallest mountain in North America). He is NOT taking the normal/easy route. He is climbing the NW Buttress route which is mostly all ice climbing. He will summit both the north and south summits. I'm so proud and excited for him. So, we went to Neptune Mountaineering store. Such a historical shop. While he shopped, and Dallin and Tanith entertained each other, I took Brennan on a history lesson tour. He REALLY loved learning about the past and present of the sports of rock and ice climbing and mountaineering. He saw old pitons, ice axes dating back to 1850. Old crampons, new crampons. He learned the differences between crampons for glacier travel and ice climbing and he really enjoyed using an ice ax and holding an ice tool. He got to use a cam and learned about nuts and cams. I think the thing he enjoyed most was learning about modern day and historical aid climbing. He was really taken by that sport and said he wants to try it.

Brennan really amazes me. He is such a wild and wiggly kid--doesn't sit still. Yet, we went skating as a family yesterday morning and he just is fearless on the ice. He takes off and doesn't stop. When we were down in Boulder, Brennan demostrated his extreme sense of balance by jumping up onto a railing and perfectly landing on two feet and then immediately striking a one foot yoga pose. He didn't wobble. He didn't make any type of balance checks. This kid is really interesting for me to study. He LOVES and THRIVES in Math and Spanish. He is wiggly beyond wiggly and very silly. He is very spiritual and loves Jesus, the Lord and learning about the gospel. He loves primary and is very sensitive. He loves his sister...sometimes a bit too much. He surprises me daily with his reading skills and how much he is growing each day. He has a tender little heart, yet he is very sarcastic and gets in trouble frequently for talking back. He has a fantastic imagination and loves to play. He is a very happy kid.

Dallin on the other hand complains and whines about having to do something physical, but once he gets on the ice, he practices hard. He is a pleaser. He wants to make others happy. He spent almost the entire session with Rick--working on swizzles, dips, wiggles, backwards skating, stroking, one foot glides and even a two foot spin. He REALLY worked hard. Dallin loves animals and loves to read about them. He doesn't really get into reading novels, but give him a book about animals and he will learn and study it and remember all the facts.

I'm so happy that we are all together right now. There is a different feeling in the house. I love it!

--Super Angie
I miss my mom today

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On Belay

On Belay
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Climb On!
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