Thursday, March 10, 2011

Super Angie...wild and free

Its very very sad when someone puts kids into the same group. If one kid does it this way, or if they remember from their childhood doing it and being okay at it, then they assume that all kids are that way and thus the situation should be handled the same way.

I'm so proud of each one of my kids and love and recognize their different learning styles and personality. I don't box them into Peter's box, because they aren't Peter. They are Dallin, Brennan and Tanith. Some parts of them are easier then the other. Some parts of them are wild like a western mustang.

Most people would never dream of trying to capture a wild Mustang and train it the same way as a quarterhorse. They are two different horses and each has its own beauty. Is the mustang hard to handle? Yes. But that doesn't mean its stupid, or has some made up disease (ADD etc). Just because you can't force the mustang into your box, doesn't mean the one who has raised it made a mistake.

Like horses, each child needs to be take on one by one. They each have different needs. Some need their hand held and need to be spoken to in an adult voice instead of talking to them like they are still a baby. Some children need very little prodding and they take off on their own. Some kids hate certain things and love others. But just because they dislike something, doesn't mean they aren't "good" or that they should be treated less then the child who loves it.

There are so many different learning styles. I used to freak out and not understand why one kid will happily sit and color quietly and the other wants to run around wild. Once I realized that I can't box my three kids into the same group, things got easier. Bribing and yelling don't work--do they work for you as an adult? No. So why should they work for a child?

Each one is different and each one is special and each one if SUPER. Why? Because I raised them to be Super.

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On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping