Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Angie...He got 3rd Place!!!

Tonight Dallin competed in his first rock climbing comp and he took 3rd place overall!!! He really rocked the house in bouldering.

His total score was 380 (they only count the top 3 highest scores). He had to do at least one top rope route, one bouldering route, and then he could do as many of either bouldering or top roping that he wanted. Of course, being the natural boulderer that he is, he did 6 bouldering problems and 1 top rope route. He attempted 4 total TP routes and 9 total bouldering problems. WAY TO GO DALLIN!

He got a lot of wonderful support from Annette, Zack and of course Nate. Zack always says "I wish I could be as strong as Dallin" and Nate is just full of genuine love and support for Dallin.

He listened very closely during the Rules meeting and then took off bouldering. He on-sited his first 4 routes!! Then he started working this crazy problem worth 200 points! It was so crazy, going up the aerate on the inverted bouldering wall. I shot some video of one of his attempts. He is so strong. I'm really proud of him. He never was able to send the problem, but thats okay--it will be a good project for him! He worked it HARD!!!

I think he did all but two bouldering routes. He worked hard on some TR routes. Some were really reachy for someone his size. Finally we found a route that was just right for his size and he easily sent it. He worked through his fear of heights and did it!

I cheered so loud when he got his ribbon and was announced as the 3rd place winner. :)

Afterwards, we went to The Purple Turtle and got shakes. They melted so fast and made a huge mess in the car, but we came home and enjoyed eating them. Yum!

I asked Dallin about this comp and this is what he told me: "I felt nice that I have some new projects to work. I feel good that I did the comp. And I am glad that I came in 3rd place! And I'm happy that I did some good new stuff."

Dallin, I'm SOOO proud of you! WAY TO GO!

--Super Angie


Trynyti said...

WOW! Dallin you are amazing! I'm so proud of you too! Great job! You must be so strong, in the video swinging by just your hands! Keep it up and it's great that now you have some new routes to practice on!

Amy said...

That is very cool! Wow what a great sport to get into young, I love that you have your kids do it with you guys! Hey how are feeling without hubby, WOW it's been long huh? When do you think he'll be home?

Tiff said...

Dallin you are incredible!!!! Way to go. I am so proud of you.

Thanks so much for the sweet mothers day note. You are incredible for thinking of all your friends that are mothers.

You are on the downhill for Rick being gone! I think you have handled it great. You are an amazing wife to let him go. So unselfish becuase you know it means a lot to him. Way to go Super Angie.

Jeanette said...

Dallin, you are awesome! I don't think I will ever be as good as you are! Great Job!

jenn said...

GREAT JOB Dallin!!
So Angie- when are you taking a group of girls to try this rock climbing thing you do so well? I have NO arm strength and no idea what bouldering is but you make it sound WAY fun!!

(How many more Rick-less days left? I'm so glad your mom is there to help!)

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Jenn...I would LOVE to take anyone climbing, anytime. I go about 3-4 times a week, so chances are high that I would be available to go. So tell me when YOU are available and lets go! :)

As for arm strength, its mostly leg strength you need. Think of climbing a ladder in your house. You don't pull up with your arms, right? You step up with your feet. Same in climbing. BUT you will get buff defined arms pretty quickly by climbing. :)

Rick's expedition ends on the 14th, but its dependant on weather, when he will make it back to Talkeetna. It could be the 14th. It could be the 20th. WHO KNOWS!

BTW..I'm climbing this Friday night and on Saturday...anyone want to come?

Dancin Queen said...

Oh my gosh--that is insanely awesome! I can't believe he can do that! What a little stud! I could never do that. What a cutie.

Dancin Queen said...

Hee hee--we left a comment on each other's blog at the exact same time.

That's funny. :)

Dancin Queen said...

Just read your comment---soo sweet. Thanks Ang! XOXO

JoeKindkid said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE Dallin!!! Way to go...great job on 3rd place....DANG!!! Very impressive lil man!

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