Saturday, May 2, 2009

Super 1 without Rick

Well, its almost 9pm and guess what! I have survived day 1 without Rick. YEA! I must truely be super, right? HA!

Tonight, we went to the Lehi Legacy Center with our good friends Tiffany and Tyler and their DARLING daughter Aspen. She is almost 10 months, but SOOO tiny. She is truely a FISH in the water. Nothing phases this little girl.

Isn't she so cute?
Tanith just adores Aspen. Tiffany was our babysitter before getting pregnant with Aspen and then again right after Aspen was born. She would bring Aspen to our house and I think Tanith thinks Aspen is HER BABY! She just adores her tiny friend and I think Aspen feels the same.

Tanith has taken pretty good to the pool. She is still unsure of things when she is held in the water, but when its swallow, she LOVES it. Can you tell?
Aspen has mastered the art of grinning for the camera. She also loved sitting on these water spots. Later Tanith played with these too.
Tiff and Tyler with Aspen. Such a cute family, aren't they?

Good News: I've talked to Rick a few times. He arrived safely in Alaska, had a good night's sleep and has met a few of the guys who are going on this expedition with him. He says its gorgeous up there and hes enjoying the views. Right now, he is in Talkeetna to spend the night. He says there is a fabulous view of Denali. Tomorrow, they all hook up and meet the guides. Then they will be off on their fabulous adventure--I'm happy for him, but also sad, because I know thats when the calls will stop.

He told me about this webcam of Denali. Check it out! Rick says its the biggest mountain he has ever seen--WAY BIGGER then Rainier (and everyone in WA knows how gorgeous and HUGE Rainier looks). I'll be checking out this link daily to see how the weather up there looks. He said yesterday was in the 60s!

I miss you something awful baby!

Other news: besides screaming at the kids (we had a few rough hours), I actually did some SUPER tonight...I made pancakes. Smurfin Amazing, isn't it?
--Super Angie


Otter Mum's Den said...

Pancakes!! It's chicken and turkey and more chicken and more turkey and the occasional white fish thrown in..... You are making me hungry for a crepe with Nutella!!!!
I love your pictures of the two little friends in the water. What cuties!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Oh, the pancakes weren't for me. I'm still sticking to turkey and chicken and white fish. Mmmm...

But the boys enjoyed the pancakes.

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