Thursday, May 7, 2009

Super 5 without Rick...

Well, yesterday was a fairly good day. My mom arrived and is staying with us. YEA! I love having my mom come to visit. :) I did a lot of house prep work--CLEANING-- and everything was in order for her to arrive. The kids were super excited...


Tannie is STILL sick. I feel so bad for the little one. :( But she was still excited and happy to see Gaga.

Last night was the pinewood derby. I'll post pictures later, but it was a lot of fun, but very emotional. It was hard for Dallin. His car looked more like a VW Bus then a rockin speedster, BUT, as we kept reminding him, he did everything himself except saw the wood. It was a very KID card. I have to laugh about all the dads that got SOOOO into the whole thing. I even heard a few parents yell, "DON'T TOUCH THE CAR!" to their son. Hello! Its just for fun people. So, anyway, it was a hard evening, but he didn't come in last, so that was good. (and some how his last name got spelt wrong on the screen, and I don't know if it was his fault or the person who typed it in, but one guy had the nerve to come over to me and laugh as he said, "He didn't spell his last name right!" as he pointed to Dallin. This is someone in my ward and neighborhood, and actually his wife looks at this blog once in a while. Well, it hurt my feelings. My son is not stupid and the way this guy said all this about the last name, implied that not only did he have a girlie pink car, but he can't spell either.)

Yeah, I'm still hurt by it.

I also had a hard time sleeping... I miss Rick!

--Super Angie
UPDATE about day 6...Tan is still sick. And she just threw up all over me. AGAIN!

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