Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Super Angie...day 4 without Rick...sick

Today Tanith has been sick. Fever. Throwing up. Runny nose. Goopy eyes. The only good thing is she is soooo cuddely when she is sick, so I was able to just sit and hold her for an hour and have her sleep on me. Poor thing. She wants to go outside and play, but instead just lays down and falls asleep on the floor. I have been busy preparing the house for my mom's visit. She arrives tomorrow (she is driving today). I got the yard cleaned up (but not mowed! ) and the kitchen de-cluttered. I got the guest room ready and cleaned the guest bath. The house is looking great, but I'm so exhausted.

I am missing Rick. There are so many small things I just want to text him about, or sit and chat on IM with him. Thats the hardest part...having zero communication. I know he is doing okay and having fun.

Tannie is missing Rick too.

"I miss Daddy"

She told our neighbor that daddy was in Africa. Hmm...close. Alaska! lol She also thinks hes at the airport and on an airplane. Of course, the whole time I was in China, she thought I was on an airplane too. Cute.

Tonight, I'm for sure going to bed early. Right now I'm gonna go down and exercise while watching Project Runway Canada. :)

--Super Tired Angie

UPDATE: well, the workout went great. And Tan went to bed early, but then suddenly at almost 8, she came out of her room crying. I met her in the hall and hugged her...perfect timing for her to throw up several times, ALL OVER ME!

I am emotionally spent after this day.


Tiff said...

Ugh sick kids is No fun. I am sorry. How great that your mom is able to come out.

I must admit that is THE CUTEST BIKE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I love the retro pink and the basket. What a great Mothers Day gift and how sweet of Rick to remember before he left. Go Rick.

Otter Mum's Den said...

Ew! That still happens occasionally to me, but not as often as when my kids were toddlers!

amy and clint said...

Oh Angie I'm so sorry that Tanith is sick I hope she gets feeling better soon! Let me know if you need anything while Ricks gone-I would definitely go crazy without Clint around to keep me sane! You are SUPER!

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