Tuesday, May 5, 2009

day 3 without Rick... happy

I kept busy all day Monday. I cleaned out the garage to the point that now the jeep and Rick's audi can be parked in there! :) PLUS there is still room for the bikes and wagons and trikes. Speaking of bikes...before he left, Rick bought me a WONDERFUL mother's day gift...a new bike. Its a pink Schwinn beach cruiser and I just adore it. Totally retro and so cute. I found a basket at REI and now the bike is complete! Tanith rode her trike, Brennan rode his new bike and I rode my mine. I must say, Tanith is getting quite good at riding hers, except for the fact that she stops every foot to look at worms and rolliepollies! This girl just loves BUGS! :)
Found these flowers at Costco and just couldn't resist. I love the bright yellow and cheery pots. I am now wanting to find a yellow wreathe to go on my front door. I'm beginning to like the way my house looks. I spent a lot of time outside chatting with Katie, my new neighbor. I pulled a bunch of weeds in "the grave" and got it looking not so trailer trash anymore. LOL
While cleaning out the garage, I found a few boxes of outdoor toys. The kids loved seeing old animals, balls and the Croquet set. I set it up for them and they had a blast.

At 6, I was able to climb with Dawn at the gym. I did 3 laps on a 5.8 and then did two 5.10cs. Sweet! We had WERC last night focusing on Cracks. Kristin is a great teacher. But I sneaked away and bouldered instead, simply because I have the Teva Mountain Games coming up and I need to train. I had a sweet time bouldering and saw some friends back there. I came home exhausted and feeling awesome!

Monday was a good day (although Monday night I had a hard time sleeping--really missed Rick).

--Super Angie

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Otter Mum's Den said...

I was wondering last night how you were holding up and said a prayer for you. Love you! And I love the bright cheery flowers too. You and I must have been thinking in the same way because I could not resist buying myself flowers yesterday either. It was a beautiful hanging basket with only one type of flowers, trailing petunias in a baby girl pink. They are hanging outside my kitchen window and each time I do dishes or clean the kitchen, they make me smile really wide!

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