Saturday, May 9, 2009

Super 7 without Rick

After thinking more about it, its the lacking of talking, texting and IMing thats getting to me. I know Rick is having the time of his life. I know he is safe (if not, I would have heard by now). I know he is growing and learning so much. I'm sure he's loosing weight--lol--you always do on an expedition! But I'm so used to chatting with him randomly throughout the day.

THANKFULLY my mom is here, so we are chatting non-stop practicly.

Yesterday had its ups and downs. We started off with a nice family breakfast at Denny's. Mostly the kids were great and the french toast was YUM YUM. Then we headed to Micheals for my mom to buy some yarn. She also treated the kids to some Schleich animals and two foam kits that end frontier forts. They looked sweet. Then we headed to Momentum so I could pick up paperwork I needed. Next to REI to buy the kids their summer Keens--great sale right now. :)

Home we came and Tanith went right down for her nap. I was tired and hadn't eaten in about 4 hours. I have to eat every 3 hours so, going over this really plays with my body. So I told the boys to chill out about the forts and I'd help them after I ate.

Well the forts were a bit harder (even for me) then we thought. I admit that when the boys got too noisy and ended up waking Tan up from her nap, I was at breaking point. Looking back, I should have just gone downstairs and did a 20 minute workout and then I would have felt so much better. But instead I finished the dang fort and then asked my mom to watch the kids while I went to the Chiropractor. Note to self--he takes lunch breaks during that time period, so while I didn't get my back adjusted, I was able to duck into KARMA and buy a new hat. My new hat and listening to ATC in the car was enough to boost my spirits.

Came home. Hung out with my mom and Tan while the boys got crazy running in and out of the house. FINALLY we told them they needed to just STAY OUT. Meanwhile, Tanith watched Strawberry Shortcake 7 zillion times. My mom and I were in the kitchen cleaning or soemthing when she started coughing. I went to her, just in time for her to throw up on me, the couch and the floor. FABULOUS! Gotta love it.

Later at 3 I tried going back to my doctor, but the waiting room was jam packed and I didn't feel like waiting. So home I came again.

My mom and I watched The Real Housewives of New York City (I love that show).

Thats about it for yesterday. Its fun having my mom around to just chat with and hang out with and go over memories with.

I do miss my honey though.

Today is Saturday and the 5K race at Dallin's school. I'm most excited for the kid's race, that any kid, so long as they can toddel can do. I hope Tanith feels okay this morning so she can do it. I need to find a sub for primary. There is NO WAY I will put a kid in Nursery that has spent the week randomly throwing up. And I'm not gonna make my mom stay home with her and miss mother's day. So, hopefully some nice parent of a kid in my class will accept my invitation to teach.

Well, off to get ready for the race. I already did my bike workout this morning. Yea! Feels great!

--Super Angie


Otter Mum's Den said...

Let me get this straight... It WAS Tan throwing up all over you in the kitchen, not your mom, right?

Anderegg & Co. said...

I loved your new hat, by the way. You look so good in hats! And about the other posts about having hard days when Rick is gone....I'd hate it! So you will have to call me anytime you need to just scream and are tired of screaming at the kids!!! You are awesome to support Rick in his aspirations and dreams. He's lucky to have you!

And by the way, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

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