Thursday, May 7, 2009

Super 6 without Rick.

Well, today wasn't "too" bad.

My mom had to drop her car off to be serviced, so I met her there after dropping Dallin off at school. I picked her up and we went to Target to get a perscription. Well, really, who can leave Target with only ONE item? Not us! lol We bought an ottomon for our family room, a few new shirts and a pair of shorts for me, a new garbage can and some misc things. Thanks Mom! I'm so excited about all these things. By the time we got done shopping, it was time to pick her car back up, and then we headed home.

I drove past my old house in Cedar Hills to see how the trees have grown--they have grown nicely. :) I talked to Brennan about all the different houses he has lived in. He remembers when we lived at "gaga's house" in Lehi because it had Noah's ark on his bedroom wall. Too cute. He was really excited about that.

I really want to paint the boy's room, and re-organize their just doens't work well. Anyone like painting? Wanna help?

Tanith and my mom both took a nap, Brennan watched a show and I did a fabulous workout. YEA! Felt great! Afterwards, we picked up Dallin, took the boys to get their hair cuts (they look AWESOME) and then went to SMITHS. We took advantage of mother's day coming up and stocked up on flowers. Yea! Our house looks so fresh and pretty now. :)

Tonight, Tan threw up on me again...yes, oh so pleasant. She also took a sudden interest in potty training and wanted to wear her underware. So it was Cinderella. She sat on the potty for quite some time, talking about her "butt" and everything. Then she wondered off and let me know she was wet and had peed on the carpet. Joy. Then she wanted to wear Strawberry Shortcake. Finally we convinced her to wear a diaper and that was the end of that.

I'm SOOO tired, I'm gonna hit the hay. Tomorrow morning, we will go to Denny's for breakfast. French Toast here I come!

--Super Angie
PS...I made dinner tonight. Smurfin amazing! We had tacos and the kids didn't complain. Whoa!


Otter Mum's Den said...

Ew! Carpet pee! Recipe to remove stains: 2 gallons warm water, 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup Tide HE laundry detergent (other detergents don't work as well. The HE stuff does not produce as many subs and is easier to use). Absorb as much of the stain as you can when the incident occurs. Wash with sponge and mixture trying NOT to saturate the fiber down to the underpadding. Rub gently. Press down a white cloth (I used cloth diapers but a white towel would do the job) and "lift" the stain from the carpet fibers to the towel. Repeat until the stain has completely been lifted from the carpet fiber. Place paper towel on wet spot to mark the spot so people don't walk on it by accident.
Scotty's dog Allison was left alone on Cinco de Mayo and pooped on the creamy white carpet all the way around the living room table in a big circle of doggie diarrhea, so it's the second time I have given out that recipe in one week. Air the place out. The smell of vinegar will linger but eventually disappear.

Tiff said...

Tan get feeling better! The throwing up things seems to be going around. I know a bunch of kids that are randomly throwing up!

Have fun with your mom :) Mom's are the best and that is so great she was able to come out.

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