Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super 10 and 11 without Rick

TODAY IS DAY 12!! That means, his expedition is supposed to end today, but it depends on weather if they can make it out of Denali National Park. The webcam is looking favorable with no storms in site, so..who knows!

Day 10 and 11...
Life has been okay the past few days. We had Dallin's comp, which went great (and I have more pitures to post that my mom took!). I went to IKEA with my mom and Brennan and Tanith. We ate there (yummy salmon) and I bought two new bookshelves, whihc I built in record time and they just look fabulous--I'll take pictures later. I've done a lot of cleaning around the house and have seriously decluttered--thanks to my new book shelves. The kids have been playing well and mostly healthy--yesterday Dallin woke me up several times during the night complaining about his ear hurting. In the morning, I took him to the doctor. He has been SO healthy for sevearl years, that he honestly didn't know what he would do at a doctors--he had no memories of ever going to one! lol So, dealing all that yesterday morning was a bit mading, but as I dropped him off at school late, I got to see my sweet friend Julie and then his teacher gave me a brownie with chocolate frosting, and well....that always makes things better!

My dad and brother from Seattle arrived yesterday and we had fun together. It was fun showing him around the house. He has never been before. The kids had fun showing him all their stuff, books, photos, awards, and legos. Tanith sat with him and watched Strawberry Shortcake. We all went out for dinner to Olive Garden and then I came home and promptly did a work out--ate too many bread sticks! lol

I'm happy to report that my hard work while Rick has been gone has resorted in me loosing weight. I wonder how much he has lost....

Today is the first day I might hear from him. I'm anxious!

--Super Angie


Otter Mum's Den said...

That is awesome. I hope you hear from him soon. If your mom is still there visiting, give her a hug from me and tell her I still miss her and your dad in our ward. I could use one of her legendary hugs right about now...

jenn said...

Ooo- I hope you hear from him and all is well! What an adventure he'll have to share with you all when he gets home!!

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On Belay
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