Friday, May 15, 2009

Super Angie..HES HOME!


He left on Friday May 1st and hes now home on Friday May 15th. Do you know how many days that is? OMGosh!


Rick is home.

He came off the plane with a full beard and almost no body fat (he has since shaved). Seeing how much fat he lost and how awesome he looks---I'm contemplating taking a 12 day expedition. Heck, 30 day expedition! LOL

But seriously, he looks fantastic and has already shown us all the pictures he took (he put them on my lap top and then hook it to the TV). This trip really looks like it was amazing. After arriving in Talkeetna and checking in with AMS (Alaska Mountain School) they boarded a tiny plane and then flew into Denali National Park and landed on a glacier in the middle of no where. I mean, they were REALLY out there. They only saw ravens, some type of little gray bird and a butterfly. So remote. Luckily, all the Grizzlies were still sleeping. The area was called Little Switzerland. Simply gorgeous!

They did extensive rescue training, ice, rock and mixed climbing, snow shoeing, and so much more. They were 100% incharge of themselves, meaning their guides or more properly, their instructors didn't make the food, break camp or anything that usually happens on guided expeditions. They dug down about 5 feet to make their cooking tent. They would then put a tent on top of the pit. They got creative and built shelves in the snow, chairs to sit on...looked awesome! Rick put his cooking skills to use and became the cook for the 3 guys (there were also 3 girls).

They moved camp three times and practiced extensive LEAVE NO TRACE, which includes throwing their "poop" bags in the crevices, which is the proper way to dispose according to the National Park. LOL Can you imagine? Rick was lowered several times into crevices to drop the outhouse bags down. Fun! LOL

I'm so proud of Rick for taking this trip and doing so awesome. He climbed 5.8 and 5.9s in mountaineering boots. He ice climbed on some overhanging stuff. He lead most of the crevise stuff. He also was put on an "advanced" team and did some amazing things on that. I'm just so overwhelmingly happy for him. He did AWESOME. I love you baby!

-_Super Angie


Amy said...

These are amazing pics Angie, seriously how cool for him! Although I have to say, it's looks FREAKING cold! Sheesh, what crazy guys! Glad he's back!

jenn said...

OH MY HECK- I can't believe how amazing the scenery is!! What a totally awesome thing to get to do! Glad he is home safe and proud of you for surviving!

Anderegg & Co. said...

wow, an amazing experience. It was good to see him home (and so fit). What an opportunity!

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