Sunday, May 10, 2009

Super Angie...Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
to all my friends!

Mom, you are my best friend and I love you so much!

Tricia, thanks for all your comfort and love. Your uplifting words have saved me more then once!

Laura, what a fantastic aunty you are to my kids!

Erica, I am so glad we have re-acquainted through blogging and emails. You are such a
"real" and down to earth mom! Du bist echt PRIMA!

Laurence, being the mom of 8 kids and so many "adopted kids" amaze me in all you
do for each little soul. I hope I can be as good of a mom as you are!

Wendy, I love how you are always reading and playing games with Awsumb--you don't let media get in the way of having a loving home and having quality family time.

Melissa, You are the mother of our primary and I'm so grateful for that. My kids have never been in a better primary. Thanks! And I think you are such a sweet person--you're not flashy and showy, but very sincere in all you do and say.

Wendi, I love the way you focus on the positives of each of your children and blog about those.

Tiff, you are such a fun mom for little Aspen. You are a go getter and expose her to so much.

Tara, I love how creative you are and how you help your kids to be creative and express
themselves through their own talents and interests.

Amy M, what a FUN person you are and always smiling. I love that!

Grace, you were the best CAMP MOM! And you are a stalwart mom now to your children.

Busy Jenn...I love how HUMAN you are and real. You never put on a fake front. I'm glad we are friends!

Jenny Carr. Its so much fun to know you again, after all these years. You have turned
into a super fun mom who gets on the level of her daughters and really experiences their interests with them. YOU ROCK!

Kayla. You know what, you are always so positive. I love that about you. You are the
happiest person at church. :) (and a great MOM in nursery to my Tanith)

Jenny Meek--what a great example of hard work you are to your kids.

Libby, you are so sincere and loving. I think of you as a FUN person and a spirited mom. Meeting you in college and being roommates was such a blessing. You are just such a great woman! know what? I love how much you do with your kids and the attitude you do it with. You are so optimistic and carefree and crazy. I love it!

Shannon, I'm so thankful to be your friend. I love your smile and sunny personality. I feel
like I'm always whining or complaining and you never are. Always positive and happy--thats what YOU are. Oh, and a great rock climber.

Marlane, I love your sense of humor!

Heidi, I love how laid back you are with a "come what may" attitude. I also think you are one of the funniest people ever and I love your laugh!

Lisa, what a great and creative homemaker you are. Always the teacher. I admire your skills and talents. Its fun to climb with ya!

Julie. Where do I start? You are my best friend. You always make me feel so good about myself. You flatter me constantly and are 100% sincere about it. You are so amazingly talented--business, rock climbing, decorating, party planning, cake decorating, baking
bread...I just admire you so much!

Lesleigh, what started as an order for my birthday cake has baked (yes pun intended) into a fabulous friendship I really treasure. Thanks! I love ya!

Sarah, I miss you so much but am so happy you are doing so great in Vegas. Thanks for teaching me so much about rock climbing and parenting. You set many quiet examples that I just love.

Kathleen, you are such a calm and loving mom. You never seen stressed out or agitated by your girls. You having always been such a good friend.

Angela, you are always so happy and such a loving mom, even when times get crazy. I admire your creative talents and love your smile!

Amy are so sneaky to be reading my blog without me knowing! lol Your hard work in the primary doesn't go un-noticed. You are a very neat and organized person. :)

Jan Johansen, I see you visit my blog but never comment. :( I loved having you as a seminary teacher--my MOM. You had such an influence in my youth and continue to as my sister in the gospel.

So many wonderful moms in my life. Forgive me if I forgot about you.



To whom it may concern... said...

Angie how sweet you are! What a nice tribute to so many women. Thanks for that! I appreciate you in primary too! You are wonderful teachers to those kids.
You are so supportive and encouraging to your own children in all they do. What a great mom you are!

Jan, Sister J., Mom said...

Thanks Angie for your sweet comments about mothers. You always lifted my spirits when you called me 'mom'. I enjoy following your blog and seeing the wonderful woman you are becoming. You are an inspiration to many.

Amy said...

You are so sweet Angie, what a cute little post you did. And I have to say, very thoughtful! I hope you too had a great day today, without your sweet hubby. How much longer does he have??? You deserve to have a great day, thank you for making mine even better now.

Otter Mum's Den said...

Love you, Sweetie. Happy Mother's day!

Otter Mum's Den said...

BTW, thanks for visiting. I feel a bit better right now. I am off to see to my Hopelink runs and then, it's gardening for this lady, assuming the weather holds...

jenn said...

What on earth?!! I'M on your list!! If that doesn't totally make my day- AGAIN!...

I'm so glad we are friends too! I hope you had a SUPER Mother's Day!!

Dancin Queen said...

Angie--you are one of a kind. What a very sweet and kind post. I hope you had such a wonderful Mother's Day (without Rick :(

I also wanted to thank you for your comment you left about your marriage on my prayer post last week. I've had several people comment on it and say that it helped them. :)


Anderegg & Co. said...

Wow, what great tributes. You are surrounded by some incredible people. I guess they can't help but be drawn in by your fun, outgoing, and super friendly personality! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!!! You've been a real blessing in my life!

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