Saturday, May 9, 2009

Super Angie...our first 5K race

Today was the American Legacy Academy 5K race. First, I am so proud of the sponsors I brought in for the race. Angela's Accessories and Momentum Indoor Climbing really came through to provide raffle prizes and handouts. Angela was there (with her new baby!!!) selling her darling hairbows. I simply love her stuff and I bought Tan some cute stuff. Can't wait to use them all! :) Momentum gave out two for one coupons, free day passes, and free harness and shoe rental coupons. Very cool! And the logos of both companies looked SO COOL on the back of the t-shirts!Second, I am over flowing with pride for Dallin. He decided he wanted to do the 5K. I wasn't able to run it because I needed to stay at the school and watch my other kids (only Brennan because Tan was at home sick with my mom), and my knees are bad and I know they wouldn't hold up. :( Anyway, so Dallin wanted to run it, so I left him in the very capable hands of the Bundys. To my surprise (yes, I didn't think he would make it), Dallin came running across the finish line. Everyone who ran near him said he didn't complain and he ran the whole way. He did fabulous and I'm soooooo proud of him. Dallin, You Did Great! He scored a blue partipation ribbon and a free carwash! (i'll use it thanks!) After the big race, they had several smaller races for the kids. It was done by age and sex. Dallin got 3rd place for his age. WAY TO GO! The white ribbon is his 3rd place. :) He also got some coupons for free meals and free ice cream!

Brennan has been looking forward to the kid's race as well. He practiced a lot in our backyard. He ran so hard and so fast he got 3rd place in his age range too! He is such a little competitor and loved running. Brennan! WAY TO GO!!!

I'm proud to say my neighbor, Jeff Phillippi, WON THE RACE with a time of 16 minutes and something seconds. Everyone says thats WAY FAST. I was so impressed. I had no idea he ran. He rocked!
My brother Paul surprised me by showing up and supporting the race. He took some pictures of Dallin running and hung out with Brennan while I helped at the finish line. Thanks Paul! It was great seeing you.
It was just such a fun morning and I look forward to next year. It was really cute to see the 18 month old babies do the kid's race. Everyone got suckers afterwards. I think its so cool that even the little kids got ribbons to race.

This was a great fundraiser for the school and a great way to spend a Saturday morning with friends and family.

--Super Angie


Karalee said...

We love 5k's! I think it's so cool that you had your kids in it too! Thanks for commenting on our blog! It's fun to read your blog.

jenn said...

Hooray Dallin!! And Jeff- he said he was thinking about running it!

I am so happy it was a successful day for you guys! I wanted to come but just couldn't work in our pace training and the race with all our other Saturday commitments. Next time!

Anderegg & Co. said...

Wow, can you believe how well Dallin did? I was impressed!

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On Belay
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