Monday, September 29, 2008

Super Angie...playing Tag

One of my best friends from the early days (think second grade!), Jenny, has tagged of course I'm gonna play along. (I don't have my scanner hooked up, so I just photographed pictures from my albums, so forgive if the quality isn't that hot--picture of a picture!)

Betcha didn't know:
1. Rick and I married ourselves! We got married in Pitkin County Colorado (Aspen). They have a law there that all you have to do is sign the marriage license and then you can do whatever you want---get married on the slopes, go to a church, or even marry yourself. So, we climbed Castle Peak (14, 265 ft), but near the top we lost the trail, and decided to just stop hiking and get married. I'm so happy we got married the way we did, although I can't wait until we can be sealed in the temple. 

2.  Do you remember the song from ATC, "La la la, it goes around the world" ?? ...well, its one of my favorite songs (along with Barbie Girl--thats my ring tone!) and I was a MAJOR groupie of the band. 

I got my good friend Hayley Coon hooked on the band and together (with some YW from my home ward) went to their summer concert when they came to Seattle. We met them and they were impressed that I had a concert t-shirt (only for sale in Germany) and that we knew all their songs and dance moves. 
We became known as "Angie and Hayley from SEATTLE". We went online to all their chats, and sent them fan mail. Once, they were live on German TV, and I sent an email question to the studio. The host read the question, "The next question is from Angie in Seattle-" and the group went nuts, "ANGIE IN SEATTLE! We know Angie. Hi Angie!" and they started waving!  Well, since my parents lived in Germany at the time, and ATC was going to perform in a town near Munich, I did the un-thinkable...I flew to Munich for the concert. I spoke to the producer of the concert and told them I had come all the way from Seattle, and they let me go back stage. I received star treatment from the band. They are awesome. Here's a photo of me with Sarah from the group and then a picture from their show--they even dedicated a song to me. "Mistake #2".  OH yeah...did I mention this was back in it wasn't like I was a silly teen when I was a groupie...nope! I was married with a kid!  --Thanks was a blast doing all this with you. And thanks Mom for going to the concert in Germany with me! :)

3.  I was lucky enough to get to go to all the skating events at the 2002 Olympics in SLC. (The tickets were my birthday and Christmas gifts for several years!!!) 
While I was there, I got to meet two of my heroes...Tara Lipinski (1998 Olympic ladies Gold champion) 
and Katia Gordeeva (1988 and 1994 Olympic Gold pairs champion). It was a dream come to true to meet Katia.  (Yes, I have an Olympic tattoo on my face! DORK!)

4.  In high school I was in several musicals, including The Sound of Music. I was Louisa. Here we are outside. Can you tell which one I am? (Just noticed that the girl who played Liesel isn't in this picture.)

5. I have been in several movies. I was in Mobsters & Mormons, Church Ball, Blind Date and some other ones. Here's me and the director of Church Ball--Kurt Hale of Halestorm Ent.

So, there's my 5 "Betcha didn't know" I'm gonna TAG Jenny Meek, Julie Anderegg, and Tiff.

--Super Fabulous Angie


TriPeakPro said...

So many cute pics. I love seeing them. I remember a couple of them happening. Of course, I am in one of them ...

Super Angie said...

Love you!

Carr Lot said...

That was so much fun to read!! Nice to know whatcha been up to for the last 25 years. (I moved after 3rd grade) I TOTALLY remember you sitting by me in 1st grade in Mrs. Henry's class! haha I was so scared (crying and everything) and there you were, a friend to tell me it was ok : ) Now I'm off to go rent church ball and mobsters and mormons again....hahahaa

Super Angie's MOM said...

Those were the days.... a mom loves to see her kids find joy in living.

Tiff said...

That was fun. I didn't know all those things about you! You are very spontaneous which keeps life exciting :) I see I have been tagged, but I am not sure I can come up with 5 things people don't know about me. I am pretty boring! I will try though.

Grace Marie said...

That was fun to read about! Especially the concert. You are a wonderful nut and I love you that way!!! Oh by the way, say I remember camp....and Jeffrey is at the University of Utah and loving it.

TriPeakPro said...

Okay, finally did it - did the tag on my blog.

lvs2dance said...

wow, I learned some new stuff about you! as for being tagged, I have been tagged to do this about five times and I guess that I am too unmotivated to do it. Most of the time that I have access to a computer I only have a few minutes to jump on, check my email, and visit a few friends blogs before Chris is harping on me that he needs the computer. sigh, maybe some day! LOL

Hayley Ford said...

Oh my gosh Angie, that was so funny to read!!! We were such nerds. I think what fueled our obsessiveness was that they remembered us! Even our names! That's what made it fun. Thanks for reminding me of those fun memories!

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