Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Angie...another climbing comp

On Friday, Rick and I competed at THE MASTERS OF TOP ROPE comp at Momentum. It was a red point comp, which meant A LOT OF LINES! I have decided I really don't like Red Pointing. I prefer just to do the on-site comps...I think they are more fun.

Anyway, neither Rick or I were climbing up to our best, and I think we both came in last place. LOL Oh well!

It was still a fun evening. And the MORCS (moms of rock climbers) beat the DORCS (dads of rock climbers). YEAH BABY! MORCS ROCK! lol

--Super Angie


TriPeakPro said...

The dads actually had more points, partly because there were more of them, and partly because some guys handicapped themselves at 5.9 and then boogied up all the 5.10's on the first and second try (sandbaggers). They decided to subtract some points from the dads to level the playing field, and thus the moms won with more points-per-person. Good job Roseanne and Annette and Katy!

Grace Marie said...

You are amazing! Thank you soooo much for the beautiful flowers. What a surprise! They made my day and my week. You are such a sweet heart. Love to you and yours.

Anderegg & Co. said...

Where are the photos! I'm so sad I missed it! They need to do it again!

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On Belay
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Climb On!
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