Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Angie...For the beauty of the earth

This weekend, we found a nice little surprise in our tree. A beautiful Robin has made it her home. She is big and we think she hasn't laid her eggs yet. She sits contently in her beautiful nest which is so well constructed. Rick and I just sat and stared at this beautiful site.

--Super Angie


Likeursoperfect said...

Oh! That was real! Haha. I saw that when I was playing with Tanith outside the other day, and I honestly thought it was a decoration. *Thumps forehead with palm.*

TriPeakPro said...

I love our little robin - hope she can pull it off in spite of the neighborhood kids and dogs. It's only about 4' up and too close to civilization.

Cupcake Creations said...

Ahh!! How cute! It reminds me of home. You don't see many nests in our yards around here - lucky girl!

Anderegg & Co. said...

Neat! My neighbor has one inside her BBQ! I'm glad yours is in the tree!

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