Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Angie...finders keepers

So, an absolutely amazing thing happened this morning...


Yes folks, thats right. I actually hauled the vacuum up to Tanith's room. I picked up odds and ends, and cleaned her room. is something special! The stars and moon all aligned right and now her room is perfectly neat.
While straightening out her closet, I found a box that I thought just had my old cabbage patch kid dolls in it (oh man, I have so many great Angie Hand Me Downs to give about not having to buy Christmas and Birthday gifts!!!). I dug a little in the box to make room for other things and noticed three small bags. "Um..." i thought... " those bags are from my trip to Japan in 2006!" LOL Sure enough. Two Thomas lunch boxes that we bought near Mt. Fuji and some candy, a magnet, a keyring and dried sea-weed. Oops! I guess I forgot that I "hid" them away for Christmas 2006. Hmmm....

Here's Tannie's bookshelf...the same one I had when I was a teen! I organized her two big baskets--one has some fluffy skirts and church dresses in it, the other has puzzels and books.
I should have taken a before and after picture, but honestly, I didn't think I would actually clean out the closet beforehand! lol This closet was stacked all the way to the top with boxes of too small baby clothes. Some of the boxes were only half full. I combined them, smashed them down, added more clothes and hauled three stuffed boxes to the basement! Yea! Now this closet only has two boxes in it--which have the old cabbage patch kids in it etc, an eddie bauer bag with quilts and blankets in it, and an empty box that I can add more clothes that don't fit, if I find more. Hanging up is Tanith's blessing dress, Dallin and Brennan's blessing outfit, Brennan's old coat (will fit Tan ) and a coat I bought Tan in Breck this past week--its a size 4 and Obermeyer brand. Sweet sale! :)
And here is the finished idea...I moved the plastic yellow table up, put her Calico Critter's doll house on it, my old raggedy ann doll, my old cat lamp, and I hung up some of her sweaters and coats on her changing table. Look at the floor!!! Its clean!

Ah, it feels great!

A miracle has happened. :)

--Super Angie


Super Angie's MOM said...

good job, glad I could help....

TriPeakPro said...


That's great baby...

Tiff said...

We must have been on the same wave legth becuase I did the same thing to my room! Hurray for clean rooms!

Anderegg & Co. said...

That is awesome! And fun to find hidden treasures:) I need to do some Spring Cleaning at my always seems we have too many "things"!

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