Saturday, August 22, 2009

Super Angie...100 degree day=seven peaks fun

Yesterday in the awful 100 degree heat, we went to Seven Peaks Water park in Provo. What a blast we had. We didn't take our camera because we knew we'd be running around too much, so I don't have any pictures.

Top ten things we loved:
1. the wave pool. Everyone loved having the huge waves crash over them. Tanith laughed and laughed as she and I kept getting knocked over. Once she ran so far out that the regular water level was to her chin. Then the waves started coming and Rick had to quickly grab her. The boys LOVED the waves.

2. the kid's area. Brennan LOVED sitting on the floating snake. Tan loved going down the slide, all by herself--she went SO MANY TIMES! Dallin was a big helper and was even helping other kids be safe. Rick and I enjoyed how warm the kid's pool was, and watching the kids laugh and play.

3. the lazy river. We didn't bother renting any tubes this time, but that didn't stop us from floating and moving in the current. Rick and I took turns holding tan, while the boys hurried ahead of us.

4. the baby area. While the water was REALLY cold in this area, we still had fun turning all the nozels and making the water spray. Tan did great going down the slide over and over again.

5. the rope swing. Both boys did the rope swing, although Dallin didn't like it as much as Brennan. I was impressed with the great freestyle stroke Brennan did after dropping into 9 feet of water. WAY TO GO BREN!

6. crossing the lilly pads. Again both boys did the lilly pad crossing and they were by far the strongest kids who did it. They were even stronger then the teens. Neither took a fall and had very little difficulty hanging from the rope. Must be their rock climbing skills!

7. chowing down on hot fresh from the oven pretzels. Not the most healthy thing, but we sure did enjoy our pretzels.

8. laughing and smiling.

9. getting wet. Ah, it felt so good to be in the water in this awful heat.

10. being together!

--Super Angie


Rachel said...

i can't believe they make you rent tubes for the lazy river! what a jip! i've never been to a place that doesn't just have the river full of them.

TriPeakPro said...

I loved it. Was so fun watching Tan grow and explore. The boys are so big now too. Bren was a little nervous in the lazy river, but he did real good. Dallin just swam most of the way and made sure to duck under most of the water falls and sprays.

Anderegg & Co. said...

It is a fun place....wish it was cheaper and closer (or more free passes!)

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On Belay
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Climb On!
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