Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Angie...Mt Rainier...PART FOUR...the final push

Walking through the muir snowfield was quite the experience. I really enjoyed this new experience.
Snow and volcanic rock line the landscape. A much prettier volcano then Mt. Fuji though.

My cute husband following in my footsteps.
Don't fall in!
LOL look how the wind is catching my bandana!
Pure ice with water streams pouring down. Slick. Thank goodness for crampons! I had a hard time trusting them at first. Ice climbing is so different from this. But I do love ICE!
Almost to Camp Muir...we can see people there. So close...
I'm coming Rick!
See my care bear? Rick always takes Hello Kitty on expeditions, so I'm taking my care bear with...he brought me luck on Fuji and also luck on Rainier. I LOVE THIS MOUNTAIN!!! (and this is my favorite pic)
Bear Rock..well, thats what we called it because it looks so much like a cute bear.
Almost to muir.
Getting closer...
Arriving at Camp Muir...coming out of the clouds.

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jenn said...

Awesome! I love the picture coming out of the clouds- wow! And when I was scanning the photos earlier- I totally thought that rock WAS a bear. Can't tell you how relieved I am it is a rock! Look at you go!

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On Belay
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