Monday, August 10, 2009

Super Angie...a few days in Singapore

While in Singapore, we took a taxi, an airport shuttle and the subway. We didn't go too many places, but we enjoyed ourselves.

National day was the following week, so we saw lots of flags out.
The head of the Merlion statue. We never did make it down to Sentosa to see the actual statue, but at least we saw this much of it.
Chinatown streets.
China town.
A temple of some sort.
We found the Hard Rock and enjoyed a nice air conditioned meal!

A nice little tribute.
Looking cute at the Hard Rock Cafe.We found a fun little mall with D&G . Of course I went in. It wasn't as stuffy as the one in Tokyo, but they still didn't like us.
In case you forget where you are, the longitude was written on the sidewalk. Ever so helpful!

We took a taxi to East Coast Beach to the Seafood Centre--although we didn't eat there. But it was nice to be at the beach and walk around.
We loved seeing all the huge freighters in the ocean.
A look towards downtown.The South China Sea.
Rick walking on the beach
Along EAST COAST BEACH there is a water skiing pond. Its funny automatic and the skiiers hold a pully and are pulled around the pond. It was fun to watch. There were even jumps!
Eating street food. I was scared, but Rick was in heaven!
Our dinners.
Sand castle on the beach. Ah, this ocean was soooo warm. Not like the Washington coast! lol
Rick and I sitting watching the sun set.
We went rock climbing at CLIMB ASIA.
They had an ourdoor wall and an indoor.
Some kid stepped on my foot in the subway and my toe hurt quite a bit, so I only climbed one route, but Rick did and had a blast.
Waiting in line and looking happy.
A giant Geisha doll...too bad she didn't fit in my bag!
We took the subway to CITY HALL and found this beautiful church. St. Andrews. It was gorgeous and quite a refreshing sight. I liked this sign outside.
Just a beautiful church.
Rick on the security camera screen at the subway station. yes, I'm a dork to take his picture!
This is a funny pic in the subway. I guess people need the reminder that they should give up their seats to people who need it. They also had a music video to remind people to be polite and let people off the subway first before charging on. But it didn't work. People were SO RUDE on the subway compared to Tokyo.

--Super Angie

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Anderegg & Co. said...

Beautiful! What an experience!

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